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  1. Hum? I know of many movies that Crawford either passed on or was passwd over for someone else but I don’t recall this particular one. I’m not as familiar with the offerings for Garfield. One thing I do find interesting is that Warner Brothers is the one that released this movie, It seems redundant. Usually when one studio had a hit a different studio would answer it with a nearly exact replica. For instance Wizard Of Oz, released by MGM in ‘39, was answered in kind by 20th Century Fox with The Blue Bird in ‘40.
  2. I don’t know if they would have wanted to do something that so closely paralleled a picture that they had already done. Hadn’t Garfield left WB by ‘48? Also, maybe it had something to do with “The Red Scare”. Just a few thoughts.
  3. Yes I would’ve loved to have seen her with Bogart! I also think she would would have been great in ‘From Here To Eternity’ and I think she would have been better suited for the part in ‘The Divorcee’. Thanks for sharing your appreciation for Ms. Crawford. It’s always a pleasure ☺️
  4. I enjoy her with Gable, but I’m a Gable fan. I would’ve liked to have seen her work with Cary Grant, Orson Wells, and I would have liked her to play more with William Powell. I think they were a good team.
  5. I agree, it was an odd coupling but it was a fun film nonetheless. It just seemed so much ‘lighter’ than the others on your list that it made me wonder what made it stand out for you.
  6. Great list. Loved Sadie McKee and I can’t get enough of her in Queen Bee! I swear you can feel her icy demeanor through the screen! The one that stands out to me on that list is “Above Suspicion”. Why did you choose that one?
  7. I do love stray jacket. I dont know that I could choose a favorite really., I just love watching the progression of her body of work. It’s a shame they could only choose such a tiny fragment to show. There weren’t even any of the 1930s “shop-girl” roles that made her so famous. ...and I love Johnny Guitar. It’s so strange!
  8. Thanks so much TCM for a great day of Crawford films. I only wish there had been time for more! Keep up with the wonderful programming, I hardly ever need to change the channel ☺️♥️
  9. I was sure that somewhere in the class materials I saw an email address for Dr. Ament. Does anyone have it or can someone tell me where to look? Thank you in advance for any help, Amanda
  10. Hello, I'm new to this site and I wasn't aware when I created my profile that my name would be used as my "user name". That was my oversight. I tried to change my username in the "edit profile" tab but did not see an option to do so. Thank you for your help.
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