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  1. There were a few things I noticed about this scene's use of sound. In the beginning of the scene they were arguing behind a closed door. It was very muffled and it took me a few seconds to realize it was in French. I worried that the sound quality wasn't going to be good. But once the door opened the quality improved greatly. The sound of the gunshots made me giggle because they weren't very realistic. (I was surprised that she was shown taking her own life-even though that's not what actually happened.) The only other time I noticed the sound was when he opened a door and heard voices of a cr
  2. The interaction between the two characters in these scenes is quite different. In the first, she acts very aloof and not impressed...until he starts singing. Once she understands that he can sing she starts to warm up to him until he blows it by showing her how he can fit any name into the song. He obviously is interested in her. When he sees that she is warming up to the idea he teases her by playing the name game. The second scene is much different. She has made herself vulnerable by putting herself in a situation in which she could never feel comfortable. Once he sees her you can tell
  3. I definitely think this depicts a brighter perspective of life at that time. But that was part of the purpose of these films...any film, really. They helped people take their minds off reality and transported them into a different setting and different circumstances. This clip, in particular, shows a very light-hearted, if not absent-minded character in Miss Held. Her song was very cutesy, she had a gimmick (the mirror), and then she was struggling with which man to spend time with.
  4. Some of my favorites are Music Man, The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, Holiday Inn, Mary Poppins, Gypsy, Hello Dolly, and Guys and Dolls. But there are so many more I could list! I think what makes me come back to these musicals are the stories and the songs. The songs stick with me and they come up in my brain as responses to situations I encounter. The stories often are an escape for me to either a simpler time or just a setting than one that is familiar to me. Whatever the reason, musicals bring me joy. I love them!
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