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  1. 1. She wouldn't of come across as with such strong emotion and vulnerability. 2. Nick has been enchanted by Fanny's presence he seems to staring at her with reverence. 3. Her walk down the street and away from Nick, is showing how the eventual outcome of their relationship. Foreshadowing their future.
  2. 1. The use of light and shadow enhance the scene, and it has very similar themes to Gaslight. 2. He gives Eliza time to entrance the audience with true feelings to being used a betting tool. 3. It's a love hate relationship. Eliza has grown to love Higgins, but she hates that she loves him because of how he used her.
  3. 1. The is more of change in emotion. The men of earlier musicals really didn't show vulnerability where in later films they are as afraid to allow it to be shown. 2. He does now how to charm a crowd of women. 3. No I have not.
  4. 1. It's got a vaudeville variety act feel that was so common in early musicals. 2. She barges right in no holds barred, very much a classic stage mother. 3. It slightly edgy but really depends on how you read into the lyrics, and the setting of it.
  5. 1. The ballet is unrealistic, but appropriate. 2. I don't think he unlikable just very blunt and honest. Quite American for the Parisian setting.
  6. 1. Initially the movements are very much staccato in tune with the enunciation for each syllable. But they dancing is more fluid once they start to dance. 2. He becomes more and more disgruntled as they continue to mimic his lesson. 3. Professor is the intellectual type, Don is more the class clown, and Gene is more like the student body president.
  7. 1. Calamity Jane is the direct opposite of the normal female lead roles. Very tomboy not so much the glamour puss that were more common for this era. 2. Yes, every role does help an actor grow. 3. I think it added to the role. She used her optimistic attitude help to make her character more relateable.
  8. 1. It's well thought out and each part plays into another part. 2. The costumes color coordinate well and they do not outshine anyone else. 3. Everything was in the timing, everything ran together letting everyone have their moment.
  9. Ethel has a beautiful voice just for the record. 1 It shows how quickly time can pass after a dark time. 2 The lyrics wouldn't really need to be changed. 3. This was a good step in the right direction, you don't see anyone portrayed as household help at all.
  10. 1. The music is already started, as has the dancing which just lets you know they'll be singing involved. 2. It's a classic example of the most common way to announce an upcoming musical number.
  11. 1. Wizard of Oz like most people would say. It's an American classic that was shown on television at least once year. 2. I don't view her differently I just see her talent and skill growing with each film. 3. Meet Me in St Louis. Although that might be because it's on of my all time favorite movies.
  12. 1 Americana is everywhere from references to previous presidents, to portraits, and flags. The setting itself being the white house and the oval office. 2. "You Irish Americans you carry your love of country like a flag right out in the open" Probably my favorite line. Shows off some patriotism and the many nationalities we have within america. 3 I wouldn't make any changes. It you had started out with the parade you would of been lost as to what the story was about it.
  13. 1. Ginger is seemingly unimpressed by the wooing attempt of Fred. She does seem to be impressed with his dancing and wants to show that he's not the only one who can dance, and attempts to show that in some ways she is better than he is. 2. It's not showing as much of the high class society flair, it seems to more of a middle class more modern affair. 3. To show that women could help find a way out the depression too.
  14. Powell is more a graceful dancer of the two, light on her feet, and with a smile on her face. She put to good use the rest of the cast in the scene and set itself. Keeler is heavy footed, she seemed to stamp with each step. It seemed to be more of an early vaudeville like to me.
  15. 1. The use of the French language, which was considered a sign of high class. The drawer full of guns was actually quite humorous. 2. I noticed at the beginning the sound was muffled while the actors were behind the door. Made want to go behind the closed doors and see what was going on. 3. The use of upper class society, fine clothing and elegant decor, and the almost casual use of royalty. All these items in some way or another allowed a chance of escapism.
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