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  1. I agree that Powell is the much better dancer and the clip focuses on her dancing. Keeler does a few standard tap moves and the clip doesn't focus much on her dancing . Powell uses her whole body to dance . I saw some arm movements that are reminiscent of the African American tap dancers of vaudeville. I bet Powell choreographed or worked with the choreographer as there are some special "powell" style moves. I think Keller didn't. Powell's style is also much more athletic and inventive.
  2. I too agree with what others have said very thoroughly, on questions 1 and 2 I think a major difference between pre-code and post-code films in general, besides that scanty attire, is pre-code films, even musicals, seem to handle themes in a more realistic or raw way. For example, in the two pre-code films from Tuesday, I noticed there were fights and poverty but in Zigfield, its utopia with all the joy and money I don't know if the codes or the times had more to do with that. It almost as if the censures tried to keep unpleasant thoughts out of the movies ?????
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