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  1. Letitia - With your lovely smile, glowing eyes, and sweet personality, a beautiful girl like you is bound to have your choice of handsome men to marry. Just make sure that his personality fits your expectations. Don't forget that "Handsome IS as Handsome DOES" before you make your choice. His heart must be "Handsome" before anything else. Look for someone who treats you with respect, kindness, and gentle love. Take your time and WAIT for the right person. You have lots of time! Get an education and respect yourself. The rest will come.
  2. OK, Roger - Here goes a crazy, slightly strange story re Musicals and our lives and their intertwining: The night of my final divorce decree (At age 55,) I decided to take a walk along the very dark and deserted country road on which my property was located. Not a streetlight in sight! Only the slight brushing of the flora and fauna of NEPA woods surrounding my house. The width of the paved street stretched out ahead as far as the sparse moonlit view would allow. I was terrified of the uncertainty. Both of my life and the situation I was in. Suddenly, my fingers started to click. My legs went
  3. I was IN LOVE with Donald O'Connor!! and Bobby Van! and Gower Champion of course. (Because they were "Cute!") Now, the More Mature Me can really appreciate Ray Bolger and Buddy Ebson. I always liked Danny Kaye but never appreciated him. Now I watch his weekly variety show reruns on the Jewish Life channel and am amazed at his wealth of talent - the singing and dancing as well as his improv and dialects. Who Knew??
  4. Keep an eye on the camera angles in scenes where Gene Kelly and Cyd dance together. They very cleverly disguise any height differences.
  5. My favorite musical - West Side Story! George Chakiris, the Shark's- and Jet's- dancing, and the turmoil of young star-crossed lovers, just - ever so slightly - beats out Singin' In the Rain and any Fred Astaire movie.
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