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  1. PROFESSIONAL SOLDIER is another I grew up watching, starring Freddie Bartholomew, Gloria Stuart and Victor McLaglen. Someone did upload it on youtube and I have to say that it still holds up great!
  2. It is a shame the "SUGGEST A MOVIE" option is gone as there are so many great films that need to be screened again or haven't been shown, let alone on dvd! Here are my suggestions... "THE SHARKFIGHTERS" Victor Mature (shown only once!) "THE MOUNTAIN" Spencer Tracy and Robert Wagner "SECRET OF THE INCAS" Charlton Heston "FLESH AND FANTASY" Edward G. Robinson, Charles Boyer (on region 2 dvd-Spain) CITY BENEATH THE SEA" Robert Ryan, Anthony Quinn (on region 2 dvd-Germany) Anyone else? Edited by: ganavon1 on Mar 29, 2010 1:11 PM
  3. I had written, what appears to be the only indepth article written so far, on the critically acclaimed made for television film, from Universal "FEAR NO EVIL" (Google: "FEAR NO EVIL: AN OBSERVANCE by Richard A. Ekstedt for "FILMS IN REVIEW") which starred Louis Jourdan, Linda Day George, Bradford Dillman and Carroll O'Conner. It was directed by PAUL WENDKOS and produced by RICHARD ALAN SIMMONS (who wrote the screenplay from a story by GUY ENDORE). While researching this film I contacted Universal who claims they have no record of it or if it has been preserved. The only print I can track down,
  4. I have been pestering TCM, along with many others, to run the Bowery Boys and our wish has come true! Thankyou TCM!!!! Evert Sat. morning, 1030 AM (EST) has become pur bliss! For those with a Facebook, I have a Bowery Boys Group (with the GhostChasers poster) where I remind everyone when the next screening is. To put it this way: SACH: "OH CHIEF! OH CHIEF!!! TCM HAS US ON!!!!" SLIP: "THOSE WHO WOOD TUNE INTA ARE MOVIES WOOD FIND A GASSOUS EXCITABILTY OF REGERGATING PROPORTIONS!" Edited by: ganavon1 on Mar 28, 2010 11:43 AM
  5. MURDER BY THE CLOCK might pop up again. Paramount older films seem to be owned by Universal. Another fav of mine is "MACUMBA LOVE'. I haven't seen it for years and it actually had some nice musical numbers in it.
  6. "STRANGLER OF THE SWAMP' PRC Frank Wisbar's own remake of the 1936 film"FAEHMANN MARIA" which starred Sybille Schmitz, was done in a very well way with Rosemary La Planche and BLAKE EDWARDS(!). Charles Middletown plays the revenge-driven spirit. Well done and should be screened!
  7. There are a lot of films-feature and made for television-that seem to have dropped out of sight. Here are a few that I like and please add your favorites..... ALIAS NICK BEAL Paramount 1948 Ray Milland, Thomas Mitchell, Audrey Totter. Directed by John Farrow. THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL CBS TV 1971 Glen Ford, Dean Jagger, Maurice Evans, Will Geer Directed by Paul Wendkos FEAR NO EVIL Universal MCA 1969 TV Louis Jourdan, Linda Day George, Carroll O'Conner, Wilfrid Hyde-White Directed by Paul Wendkos WORLD WITHOUT END Allied Artists 1958 Rod Taylor, Hugh Marlowe
  8. As I fully agree. There is one well known filmmaker I know who said he thinks the end was tampered/altered. But this film holds up great and is better than the British remake called MIRANDA
  9. Here's some little seen titles that seem to have dropped off the face of the Earth. DARK INTRUDER Universal 1965 Leslie Nielson, Werner Klemperer. CHAMBER OF HORRORS Warner Bros. 1966 Patrick O'Neal, Wayne Rogers, Caeser Danova and Wilford Hyde-White THE SHARKFIGHTERS United Artists 1957 Victor Mature stars. Shot in Cuba just before the revolution. SECRET OF THE INCAS Paramount 1954 Charlton Heston, Yma Sumak WORLD WITHOUT END Allied Artists 1958 Rod Taylor ALIAS NICK BEAL Paramount 1049 Ray Milland, Thomas Mitchell THE UNDYING MONSTER 20th Century Fox J
  10. Here are some great British films I would love to see.... JIM AND JULIE features Peter Sellers ALICE IN WONDERLAND starring Carol Marsh-live action and puppet animation. A BOY 10 FEET TALL aka SAMMY GOES SOUTH features Edward G. Robinson
  11. Does anyone out there know what this film is called? The plot is about two children who run off to London in 1953 to find their soldier uncle and join him in seeing the Queen crowned. They meet up with various people including a prostitue. It was filmed in colour. Please let me know.
  12. For myself, I thought the recreated SPIDER-PIT scene from KING KONG was wonderful-giving us all a glimpse of what might be if the original footage is ever found. Anyone else?
  13. Here are some titles: ALIAS NICK BEAL Directed by John Farrow. Ray Milland, Audrey Totter, Thomas Mitchell. Paramount 1949 MURDER BY THE CLOCK Directed by Edward Sloman. William Boyd, Lilyan Tashman, Irving Pichel Paramount 1931
  14. Here's my first choice-and TCM has it. THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND 1929. The film should be re-tinted as it was first shown. Also, using colorization the films technicolor scenes should be recreated. It would be great to see the movie as it was originally screened.
  15. My two suggestions were Made For TV films that were released to theatres in Europe. They were made by PAUL WENDKOS, best known for the film THE MEPHISTO WALTZ. BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL Starring Glenn Ford, Dean Jagger. 1970 rights held by Warner Brothers. FEAR NO EVIL Starring Louis Jourdan, Carrol O'Conner, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Linda Day George. Universal/MCA 1969. both are really excellent movies.
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