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  1. 1. The determination of women to not merely be objects, as they are usually portrayed in musicals. 2. It is not quite as stage-style as the earlier films. 3. The Depression was dragging on, and women were beginning to make themselves known.
  2. 1. The gunshots don't sound very real. A legitimate gunshot would, I think, be louder and sharper. 2. The schtick with the garters. It feels like he's playing with the audience. 3. The rich living life far differently than the regular people, especially where romance is concerned.
  3. 1. The interaction is very formal. I almost expect them to refer to each other as mister or miss. 2. Never seen them in any other context. 3. Good girls get good boys. Sex wasn't even on the table.
  4. 1. The Depression had been going for seven years. Things were not all that great. 2. It presents a world where everything is very light and beautiful. 3. The costume might have shown more, or they would have shown her changing clothes while she was looking at the flowers and the card.
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