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  1. 1. If she belted her song more it would have taken away from the realism of the scene. If she belted, the scene would be less believable and more fantasy. 2. In the beginning Streisand is singing to the guy. Then in the song she loses herself and it becomes singing about herself and her opinions, with the guy still being in the scene, however away from the limelight, moving into the background of the shot. 3. The direction of first following Streisand from a whole body shot and building up to her upper body/face so you can see her facial expressions on the stairs supports her perf
  2. Cukor uses wardrobe to make Eliza stand out more and appear out of place with the rest of the scenery. Her clothes are very dramatic and lavish. Lisa's realization that Higgins won his bet and now has no use for her is portrayed very dramatically and shocks the audience with her loud cries. Cukor supports this by having Higgins just as surprised as we are, and Does not have any music or background noise to make the effect even more dramatic. The relationship between Eliza and Higgins that seems enhanced by Cukor’s direction is that each are so absorbed in their thoughts
  3. 1. What is more noticeable to me is that the performance shifted from being more animated and lively towards more realistic and relatable to the audience. The performances seemed more out of real life as opposed to feeling "staged." 2. I notice the first clip shows masculinity in an authoritative, lively way, full of confidence. The second clip also shows masculinity, but in a subtle yet strong manner. The character has confidence, but a different type of confidence in who he is. 3. I have not seen any of his other films, but am curious to see how his acting styles differ in hi
  4. 1. This scene looks more realistic and real life in the way the actors move and act instead of the magical/mystical and precisely choreographed movements of musicals prior. Rosalind Russell's entrance was a strong character and showed she was not afraid to share her character and won't let other's boss her around. This was a new way of acting in musicals. The song in the scene could be used to tell that audience that Rosalind is entertaining us with how she was acting, and the song was used to slyly say that this was what was happening on screen. The scene was dis
  5. If the director of the movie wants the ending ballet scene to be more dramatic, using a less than realistic approach for the rest of the movie would work best. This would make the ending scene stand out more. I think Jerry Mulligan's smile and his honesty keeps him from being completely unlikeable. He is just being honest in his feelings and being straight to the point about this.
  6. O'Connor's silly faces show the more playful style of dancing he has. Kelly's "matter-of-fact" movements show the precise style of dancing he has. The Professor with his serious personality and not knowing what's going on makes the scene much more fun and delightful to watch because they use him as a living prop to move the scene along. The rigidness of the Professor also highlights the fluidity of the two dancers and also adds to the comedic effect of the scene where O'Connor and Kelly are literally dancing circles around him, pulling him around, and piling stuff on him. Grea
  7. I think it falls in the mid-range. The character is not completely masculine, but at the same time, a long way from being feminine as well. Calamity Jane is very independent and tough, yet at the same time isn't 100% accepted as "one of the guys" because she still is smaller in comparison with the other guys and has the soft features of a woman. One example would be before this musical, Day wouldn't belt out when she sang, but in this musical she incorporated belting out her voice during some of the musical numbers. I think her bright and sunny persona adds to the role of Ca
  8. I noticed that they dance and stay together in unison. They are all the same size on the screen, there is no focus on one more than the other. This is different from early musicals where they highlight individual talent or pairs. The colors are neutral, dark navys, pale blues and plain white. The colors are meant to blend together instead of stand out individually. There is a fun interplay between the characters that shows they are working with each other and feeding off of each other's creativity and ideas by the playfulness with the props and working together to make a scenari
  9. This tells us that their relationship is one of her devotion to Joe, and that she was happy with this. Life for her is simple, taking care of and loving Joe and she expresses it in her actions and words. The song would change if it was singing about her child as the focus would change from the love of a husband/wife to the love of a mother/child. The cultural meaning would change because the who she is singing about would change. It would be showing that she is devoted to her children first and then everything else, including her husband, comes after. I noticed they used a d
  10. The movie uses the ballpark and bleachers to create a fun way parallel the baseball "game" with the relationship "game." For example, when Sinatra tries to jump over the fence to avoid Garrett, it reminded me of how a baseball player jumps over the fence to catch a ball. The sequence prepares us for singing by transitioning indoors to outdoors, by building up the music, the music getting grander and louder and ascending notes to the singer's entrance, and by the running the actors do.
  11. 1. Probably like many, The Wizard of Oz was the first film I watched. I remember she was an extremely talented singer with a beautiful voice, and a very animated acting style which drawed you in. 2. After viewing these clips I viewed her as a more mature and seasoned actor/singer/dancer, since these scenes give the viewer an opportunity to see how versatile she was in playing different roles. 3. I haven't seen too many of her films yet, but I have heard a lot about A Star Is Born as an example of her ability to capture an audience's imagination as a storyteller when she sings a
  12. 1. The pictures of the past influential people (Presidents?) on the wall along the ascending staircase promotes American values by showing people who helped to build America to that point. The wide, open, spacious sets used to resemble the White House shows how grand and prominent America is. The ships and painting of ships promotes American values by thing back to the discovery of America and a tribute to our pioneers. The parade with flags, patriotic parades and uniforms promotes being proud of your country. 2. Dialogue is in the screenplay to boost American morale with lines such
  13. You can see battle of the sexes in the clothing. Normally on screen women would be wearing dresses or skirts but in this scene the women is wearing pants. This film transitions the music into the storyline instead of just inserting a song into the movie. Women's rights were developing, such as the right to vote. The topic of women as equals is seen.
  14. The Lubitsch touch is very playful and interactive with the audience. We feel like we are there, witnessing the scene as it unfolds. The props, dialogue and staging all help understand Alfred by being tools to further explain the scene. For example, the garter not belonging to the women in the scene shows that he has been with other women. The foreign language helps us better understand that Alfred is away from home. The drawer with the various guns and garters shows us that this scenario is not new to him. Based on this scene, what are some of the things you notice about the scene’
  15. The characters show the audience that they are interested in each other by speaking to one another in a playful tone, but show attentiveness and longing to the other when they think the other is not looking, stealing quick glances and turning away quickly. This is my first time watching these two actors. The film was an example of men as the pursuers in the relationship. The norms are to show the development of a relationship in an innocent and morally correct manner.
  16. The clip does exhibit a brighter perspective of life than might be realistic. It portrays that opportunities will land on your doorstep and are to be handled on a whim, without much thought or planning. In real life getting the same results might take more time and effort. The theme of giving your all in achieving success. If it was pre-code maybe the scene where the singer goes back to the dressing room would reveal more wardrobe changing instead of looking at the mirror/looking at flowers.
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