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  1. strangest musical moments in the one of the strangest (and most egregiously racist and grotesque) of all pre-Code films, GOLDEN DAWN: all of them. so awful, so bizarre, i couldn't stop watching.
  2. was i hearing MAKE IT HOME by juliana h. over the trailer for WINGS OF DESIRE and other movies that were made over? speaking of trailers, TCM makes some of the coolest. great visuals and great music. very hip for a classic movie channel.
  3. that is very, very cool that you managed to burn the soundtrack. i agree that it's very eno-esque. the first time i heard it i immediately pegged it as very avant garde. this time around, i find it less so (maybe b/c i've been listening to so much electronica in the 4 or 5 yrds since i first heard it). the couple who composed it are both members of Our Lady Peace, which is alternative, although not avant garde. i'm going to consult with my bf, who is up on all tech issues re burning stuff. maybe he can take my taped copy, burn it on DVD, then extract the soundtrack. if it can be done
  4. i googled all sorts of combinations before i posted here. i tried searching sony's canada online store, too. the soundtrack is just too obsure for even sony to have bothered putting it out on CD. yes, the composers are alive and well and recording, so copying is technically illegal. for now, i still have the movie on tape. one of these days, i'll see if i can find the music in downloadable form. if i ever get an Ipod, that is, LOL. thanks for your help!
  5. not only do i love this film -- not so much helen gardner's recycled srah bernhardt; more like her beautiful "look", including that amazing wig -- but i am obsessed with the soundtrack. which i can't find anywhere. i didn't realize, until my last viewing, that it was done by the husband/wife team of OUR LADY PEACE. doesn anyone know how i can get a CD of it? thanks!
  6. does anyone have a a CD or link to where i can purchase the chantal kreviazuk/raine maida soundtrack to helen gardner's CLEOPATRA that recently aired on TCM? when i first saw the movie a few years ago, i was not only wowed by the gardner's costumes, but the contemporary and gorgeous music floored me! it's only through a recent viewing that i realized the team behind OUR LADY PEACE composed and performed the music. and i can't find it online anywhere. can anyone help??
  7. i didn't see NAUSICAA until i had watched SPIRITED AWAY and TOTORO. before SA, i was totally ignorant of anime. i didn't even know what the word meant. i'm not sure i would've liked NAUSICAA as much if i hadn't seen SA first. the latter is like the distillation of all miyazaki's work -- a blend of realism, fantasy, and myth. it's a good idea that TCM is showing it first.
  8. thank you!! i suspected that she was, first and foremost, a stage actress. she had such ease and great, great delivery. i also felt that she had been highly educated. i've see many of her films, but it was watching "gold diggers" again that reminded me i knew very little about her. and, again, i was struck by how very classic and beautiful she was. like a modigliani model. i'm very glad she lived to a good, old age. smart woman.
  9. tom, as per my post, i was totally skeptical about watching a feature length cartoon. i sat thru too many disney movies with my kids. and i hate disney-fied anything. watch SPIRITED AWAY first. if you're not astounded by the craft of the animation (at the very least), you're not a cinephile.
  10. hi! i'm told you can provide me info re aline mcmahon. thanks!
  11. thanks so much! i'll ask mongo. what i love so much about mcmahon are not only her acting chops, but how very beautiful she was. she looks contemporary to me. probably why she wasn't cast as a romantic lead.
  12. i, too, have the 2 disk set of "spirited away" with the wonderful look into miyazaki's studio. didn't you love how he made spaghetti for everyone? what a panic! if i'm not watching the films with kids, i always go for the japanese versions. i'm one of those purists who want to hear the language, even if the subtitles don't capture the nuances. the boxed set i have, straight from studio ghibli, has miyazaki's rarities, as well as MONONOKE and NAUSICAA. what i really love about the non-magical tales is that you get a trip into a japanese city or countryside. i think his best fil
  13. i am also very surprised to see miyazaki on TCM. but, not too surprised. he's one the best filmmakers alive. do you know how he came up with the name "Ghibli" for his studio? GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES should've been included, i agree. it's one of the best antiwar films made. one of my all time fave's from miyazaki ( i own a box set) is KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE. i have a severe fear of heights and flying, but love, nonetheless, soaring along with kiki on her broom.
  14. i will be watching this film no matter what whne it's on next month, but i'm disappointed that TCM isn't showing its restored version. i felt that the stills it added as part of the restoration helped tremendously in understanding the whole story of the film. how great was zazu pitts in this film??? yet another miscast casuality when the sitent era was over.
  15. she's one of my favorite character actresses, but i don't know anything about her background. any knowledgeable fans out there?
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