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  1. They lean in to talk (sing) to each other. They are in close conversational proximity, as opposed to being on opposite sides of the stage or on stage & off stage, requiring a lot of movement and volume to communicate. They 4 of them are on stage together at all times, except for very short periods of time during the various gags in the number. Costuming color palette is very cohesive for the men - all in blues/purples and Nanette Fabray is in neutral colors = white & gray. Oscar Levant & Fred Astaire have ties in the same or almost the same color. Previous musicals would have
  2. I can't help but think that the lyrics to the song are a deliberate stab at the Code. While completely dressed from head to toe, Anna Held coquettishly strides across the stage, using a mirror to shine a light on members of the audience. The light of truth and exposure? The lyrics she sings in the clip include "I want you to come and play with me all day long" which most certainly is a double entendre. While the story line is certainly cleaned up and post-code, it certainly seems like they were trying to slip it by the Code enforcement.
  3. This is a little off the topic of the question, but the musical that comes to mind is not shown often. I find myself watching The Pirate whenever it's on. I don't think the movie is that great (although I laugh hysterically every time Judy Garland says "Macoco!" and faints), but I find myself drawn to the one scene where Gene Kelly is dancing the pirate ballet and he's wearing SHORTS! It's the only movie that I can remember from the golden years of MGM musicals where a man is wearing shorts. It just wasn't done back then - a cultural norm of bygone years. And it's the one film that you can rea
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