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  1. I'm glad this was helpful to someone! Even if they were thinking of the touring production of Sweet Charity (also if Chita played to title role on tour she'd be Charity and not Nickie), the fact that this is a course about musical films and they got that wrong is the problem to me (and it wasn't corrected). It seems weird to me that if you ever watched the film or saw ads for it, especially close to doing this course that you could forget that Chita Rivera is in it when she's such a great dancer. Everyone makes mistakes, we all do. But,what is worrying is, what else may be inaccurate? Th
  2. I was just listening to the last podcast for this course and I had to stop when I heard that Chita Rivera was NOT in the film version of Sweet Charity. Excuse me, but Chita Rivera IS in the film as Nickie, she was NOT part of the original Broadway cast where the role of Nickie was originated by Helen Gallagher. I just thought you should know that. I must say I thought myself crazy for half a second. But, Sweet Charity is the only reason I really know who Chita Rivera is. Did anyone else catch this?
  3. I haven't seen the final quiz listed either. I'm getting nervous that after all the time (I've fulled a whole notebook with notes) I've been putting in that I/we will be unable to finish this course. I've always seen the next quiz in gray before it's released. Only see "Get Your Badge" this time. I hope they fix this. If this is happening to everyone I would think they would, but if it's just a few of us I doubt it. If this happens I must say I'll be really ****. This is my first course like this and if I can't finish it because of same technical glitch I doubt I'll take another one. Le
  4. I also am finding it hard to analyze the films. It's good to know that I'm not the only one. I'm probably over thinking things (a bad habit of mine). This is only my second post, I've been trying to come up with my own thoughts first before reading others so as to not be influenced by their comments. But, this is not working since it's netting me no posts and I'm missing the interacting part of this course. One thing that strikes me as funny is that I'm having all of these thoughts about comments I have for non-musical films. It's like I caught the whole "don't think about elephants" th
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm a little late to the party, so I doubt anyone will read this. I've found reading everyone's comments very interesting The film I go back to the most in recent years is Lili. I love the simpleness and almost quiet nature in which the story is told. The dance at the end is one of the most emotional expressive I've seen in it's simplicity. I love many more films. It is indeed very hard to pick just one. I have a deep love for In The Good Old Summertime. I watched it practically on repeat as a kid. I remember sewing clothes for my barbie dolls while watching. I
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