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  1. 1) All of the guns in the drawer made me laugh. It implies that the ambassador has made regular practice of seducing married ladies. 2)When the foreign language was used, it drew me into the character’s actions and tone of voice. The sound of their voices was “used” to convey their mood and relationship. The background voices also added much to the surroundings. A party of people was very near. 3) Again, the opulent surroundings convey the “bight sliding” common to the Depression era films.
  2. 1) Sgt. Bruce is much more confident in his efforts to impress Marie, while making his moves through song. It is a “pass” that usually works. He is much more assertive in getting to know her. Whereas, Marie is in the defense mode. She lets him know his tricks will not work on her. 2) I have seen them in interviews. I remember one in particular. It was soon after MacDonald passed away. He could hardly speak about her without crying. They must have been great friends on and off camera. That’s Probably why their on screen chemistry was so strong. 3) There are two kinds of stereotypica
  3. Like everyone has suggested, this is definitely a lighter situation than if the code was not enforced. For instance, two real businessmen, in competition with each other, would not have been so friendly. They both want to hire Miss Held for their shows to make money. During those economic times, they would not have been so chummy. Everything was so rich and elegant which was a stark comparison to the most of the real world at the time. I understand the Hays Code was enforced but they must have changed some of the words to her song. Held sang that she wants “someone to come play with
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