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  1. I did not see a battle of the sexes. Everyone appeared as if they were working as a partnership since they were dancing together. What I did notice is that women had to start speaking up; that would be a sign of the times as war was in the near future.
  2. I notice that the Lubitsch touch is critical to the scene. The touch gives us a hint of things to come. I also have noticed that there is French spoken so you have to use some inferencing skills in order to figure out what is going on in the scene. It allows the viewer to figure out what is going on based on the actions, inflections of the voices, etc. The theme that one might anticipate is that you have to laugh at times; the scene has a small amount of comedy, and it is probably a hint of other funny parts in the musical.
  3. You can tell that they both have an attraction for the other in the first clip. The second clip they also have an attraction but they are almost embarrassed seeming in it, which could be a sense of the times they were living in, especially for women as you weren't supposed to come across as interested in the other person. During this time period is history times were safe and pure.
  4. There are two musicals that I could watch again and again: Sound of Music and Wizard of Oz. My parents watched these when I was a children, so I think I love to watch them now because it brings back memories of my childhood.
  5. I agree that the clip exhibits a brighter perspective of life than might be realistic because it appears that the lady is happy and wearing nice clothing. A theme I might have anticipated is that life will get better. If it had been pre-code, I would expect that people would not have been talking. They may have pantomined their thoughts and feelings.
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