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  1. What do you notice about the way the scene is directed as Petunia goes to Joe’s bedside and as we cut to her outside hanging laundry? What does this tell us about her relationship, and the connection to the song? Depicts a loving wife who is happy because her man is going to be well again. This she attributes to the Lord. Inside he is in bed outside he’s getting better and sitting up and she is able go about her chores. How would the song change if it was a woman singing about her child? Does the cultural meaning change? How? I don’t know..you got me on this question. What other th
  2. Thinking like a director and editor, describe how each shot spotlights key actions. It’s interesting to examine how musicals segue into musical numbers. How does this sequence prepare us for the singing? Just before the song Garrett has picked Sinatra up off the field and followed him to locker room. Coming out she follows him to the bleachers hashing him through the stands. The singing seems to flow out of the setting.
  3. What do these clips tell you about the male/female relationships as they are depicted in the films during this era? What norms might you expect are supported under the Hollywood Film Code? By today’s standards they are quaint and quiet innocent. Norms supported would likely include marriage before sex.
  4. This might be off topic ,but Liza Minnelli had a similar experience as Jeanette MacDonald in a bar. She was in Mexico working on film Lucky Lady. She got up to sing in a local bar and was giving it all she got to no reaction.
  5. Do you agree that the clip exhibits a brighter perspective of life than might be realistic? Why or why not? Yes it provides a brighter perspective. Why? It’s a musical a fantasy a way to add joy to your life in th middle of the Depression. What themes or approaches might you anticipate from this clip in other Depression era musicals? Happy endings, romanticed life. Fun. Since this is a musical that was made after the motion picture code was enforced, how might you imagine it might have been filmed or scripted differently if it had been pre code.? A French sow girl would show more.
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