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  1. Daily Dose #5 1. I really noticed pictures of the presidents as Cagney was going up the steps . He even pauses to look at them. There is a flag in the office of FDR. 2. “... always carrying a flag or parade or following one...” ”you carry your love of country like a flag...”Example of Cohan’s parents variety shows 3. Even though I am not a fan of FDR i would still open the film with this scene. I understand the comment made about... “must of been a Republican paper.”... . At this time and what the film stands for would not been appropriate to further party differen
  2. DailyDose#4: 1. I think typically of this era it shows pursuit of the man to the woman. It starts slow. Fred is met with some hesitation of Ginger.As he sings further you can see the change of Gingers face from disinterest to “maybe” to “I think I will”. She is happy their dance starts slow as he shows her the first steps. She is not awkward at all. They dance faster and it is at this point they are true equal partners! as far as the rest of the movie the best comical point is of the actor portraying Alberto. He is truly the play of conceit...”...marry me...I’m rich...I’m pretty..
  3. MovieManiac2018 1. Chevalier enters the scene first speaking French: this makes the audience have to pay attention more to the actors ! i wonder if anyone in the audience understood French ? I’m curious to know the translation!. Then Chavalier tells us ...” she is terribly jealous “.He is telling the audience ... rather than another actor. i feel that this particularly draws in the audience more to make them feel like a part of the film. It is literally speaking to us! The close up of the props : the 2 garters, a small caliber handgun, and an unzipped dress.... allsuggest a forbidde
  4. Nelson Eddy and Jeannette Macdonald 2 clips: Movie Maniac 2018 1. The interaction between the characters in these 2 clips: 1st clip: Eddy likes MacDonald.. He is disappointed that he is rowing a boat for the woman he fancies to pursue another man.His way to show her his interest is by singing a song to her made up spur of the moment! It is a catchy and very likeable number. 2nd clip: When MacDonald realizes her singing is not compatible with the crowd/audience she searched the crowd for one person any person that will appreciate her operetta singing style. The
  5. This is in regards to question #1 about the clip from The Great Ziegfeld. 1. Luise Rainer may have attracted Mr. Ziegfeld with her “mirror” of charm and undertones sexuality on stage in a song but i rather think in that day they would have met backstage and perhaps more would have ensued to sway Flo rather than Mr. Billings. i also don’t think Flo would have really sent her over 1000 franks of flowers! that was all frivolity for the audience. He literally is made out to be an exhuberantly rich man when i think he was just affluent. When he tells the doorman that he just tipped that he ne
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