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  1. It would have felt less intimate and less believable, more performance driven and not as realistic to the story. The song is a conversation about love between two people, and this comes through in the way the song is performed.
  2. The masks are starting to come off, as he allows the characters' true emotions to show themselves.
  3. As you look back to the masculine performances in musicals of past decades, what changes in male representation, and performance would you say are most noticeable? The characters are more developed, and this is communicated to the audience through what appears to be a new and developing acting style in musicals. The character seems to have more personality in his/her own right rather than playing off an ensemble of other actors or strictly communicating through song/dance styles.
  4. She displays her talent with humor and ensemble acting that is reminiscent of the classical musicals. This type of treatment was less apparent in say, the Elvis movie, Jailhouse Rock. While the music was marvelous, the later movies lacked the entertainment value of the earlier musicals. Movies' appeal to niche audiences and the film industry's economic challenges cause some of the offerings to be dumbed down in terms of acting strength and entertainment value, in my opinion.
  5. What keeps Jerry Mulligan from being completely unlikeable in a scene in which he acts pretty darn unlikeable? He is being a realist!
  6. Watch the Professor all the way through and consider the role of the straight man. Although his title is the straight man, he really seems like the most comedic character of all. If it weren't for his role, which is very complex and funny at the same time, the scene would not nearly have the comedy element --- although the dancing is sublime!
  7. As you reflect upon female representation in the 1950s, where do you think this film character falls in the continuum? Why? I think she is at the forefront, challenging gender roles and stereotypes. She does it with talent, a sense of humor, and in a way that continues to "break the mold" of the showgirl types portrayed in previous years. Yes, she also is telling the female story, carrying on the tradition of the other great movie musical actresses.
  8. As you watch the interaction between the four characters in this scene, what do you notice about the way they include each other or relate to one another? How is it different from early musicals we have discussed? They worked more visually as a unit, playing off each other's strengths and encouraging one another. The earlier movies also did this but in a less conspicuous way, I think. I believe today's actors could learn a thing or two from these musicals. These stars had it all -- acting ability, singing, dancing. The ensemble is effective at entertaining the audience, unlike many movies
  9. What do you notice about the way the scene is directed as Petunia goes to Joe’s bedside and as we cut to her outside hanging laundry? What does this tell us about her relationship, and the connection to the song? Once she knows that her husband is OK, she is happy, even when doing her routine, daily chores. It appears that she lives her life with a sense of gratitude and love, which are part of her self-esteem.
  10. It’s interesting to examine how musicals segue into musical numbers. How does this sequence prepare us for the singing? The actions are not just actions, such as the running/chase/pursuit. They are so entertaining that they actually become part of the dance/song number.
  11. 1.What was the first Judy Garland film you recall watching? What was your impression of her? My first Judy Garland movie was "The Wizard of Oz." My impression of her was that her character represented a friend whom I wanted to go on an adventure with, travel down the Yellow Brick Road! As an adult watching the film last week, I also felt this, as well as recognizing her star power as an actress, singer, and dancer. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is such a special and unique performance.
  12. How do I access the games? I don't see the submission tab in the course or the app.
  13. This opening lends a storytelling aspect to the movie that is very important. Through this flashback, the audience gets a real sense that this is the story of a person rather than merely historical events.
  14. It reflects the importance of women's contributions as not just the pretty faces portrayed in, say, Broadway Melody, but as lead characters who were necessary to the success of the rapidly changing film industry. Their skills and talents also were reflected in the larger society as they entered the workforce during World War 2.
  15. I really enjoyed the clever use of props here: the garter belt, the zipper, the drawer full of guns with blanks. It just shows how much can be said without dialogue. Yet, it is also so effective when the character directly addresses the audience. This is so much more entertaining than the computer-created aspect of so many of today's movies.
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