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  1. the reason CK is constantly ranked number one deals with the fact of him trying new camera angles, inventing new camera lens and style of lightning, along with redoing the soundtrack of films to reflect emotion. Also Orson Welles, at the age of 25(it was 24, 25, or 26...I can't remember now), directed, starred, cowrote and produced this movie...that was unheard of then and is pretty rare nowadays. I rented CK from and after the movie they had a documentary on it and everything and it helped explain a lot about why it's also ranked so high on lists. (I got most of that info out of the encyclo
  2. I watched a bunch of Shelley Winters films(I hadn't heard of her until then) and they were all good...she is a great actress I would love to see all the big stars(which they have probably already done) like Brando, Bogie, Bacall, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart. I wish they would do a whole month and so like all of Hitchcock's films!
  3. I'm very excited to see The Freshman!! and also Safety last comes on as well and I wanna see that too! April is gonna be a great movie month!
  4. I'm 16 and in love with classic movies...Luckily one of my best friends in the entire world is in love with them to(she's 17) so we have each other...lol but AMC...I watch it rarely...like if some more modern movie comes on I wanna see or if a real classic comes on(like Laura came on the other day! or Sunset Blvd.) but if you miss the movie, don't worry it will come on about 495793475903475490 million more times
  5. The Shop Around the Corner is a great movie..Jimmy is wonderful in it! An Affair to Remember is soooo sweet at the end...my mom cries everytime she sees the movie...lol
  6. the Upcoming Features would be ok if they would do it like a couple of times a month...I saw that thing I bet about 20 times...I did like the part when it talked about the classic movies coming out on DVD I know the thing is about 10 minutes...so if at the end of the movie you catch the original production thing comnig on it could very well be it! I do actually find it a lot(one week I saw it 3 times and one of those times I left my tv on and feel asleep and woke up at 4 b/c the music woke me up then went back to sleep!)
  7. moviemel-you said one of mine about Viven taking the role in Wuthering Heights...would she had done Gone with the Wind? who else would have played Scarlett? What if Katharine Hepburn would have gotten the role of Scarlett? What if Shirley Temple would have played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz? how different would it have been? Would Judy Garland still have been a big star?
  8. I love him! I always go-"hey there's my friend Bob!" LOL! I try to watch movies at night just so I can listen to him talk! oh that's a great idea!! a daytime host would be awesome! the movie star idea is great as well!
  9. as soon as I read the topic I thought of Clark Gable in GWTW
  10. I was just wondering what others do every Sunday I sit down with the tv guide and go thru and highlight in orange all the movies i wanna see and then write them on a sticky note and how long each one is and then another sticky note(a blue one) what movies come on what days so I won't forget and I got bored a few minutes ago so I went and wrote down the movies I wanna see in February and March yup...I have NO life! oh-well!
  11. one of my fav topics! My favorite actor is Marlon Brando...he is just a HUNK! lol I haven't seen a bad movie of his yet! I LOVE Jimmy Stewart as well-it's his voice! and the guy he always plays...the always good guy! Charlie Chaplin-he just CRACKS me up with his cane and outfit and mustache! Buster Keaton-I see his movies as often as I can and they crack me up! he is sooo funny! Paul Newman-I promise you he is the hottest guy that has ever walked the face of this earth...I wanna drool when I see him! Cary Grant-sooooo romantic! Bogey-he has that atmosphere about him! my best
  12. I LOVE it! I taped it by surprise once and I haven't tape over it yet! I'm in the process of naming all of the scenes...I went thru and made a blank for each scene and write them in as a figure it out...I have over 135 named and about 90 or so left to go! LOL it really is a nice representation of a TON of scenes..i just love it! I end up taping it after I tape movies....it's about 11 minutes long so you could subtract the time of the movie from the time that is given to show it and figure out maybe when it could come on...I've done that a couple of times and it hasn't worked to well!
  13. true true!! none of them can be replaced! it's just a wonderfully casted movie!
  14. yeah don't you love it...when all the current stars get ranked? my best friend and I are planning on culturing our generation to the REAL classics...like Charlie, Joan,Brando,Bogey,Clark,Viven etc I told like 5 of my friends at school that Saturday(which is 2day) was Cary Grant's birthday(since we were talking about bdays and one of my best friends bday is also 2day) and I got blank stares and someone goes "WHO?" and my friend goes oh some actor we should know about...I wanted to scream SOOO loud! but back to the topic! LOL! My favorite film of the silent age is The General! I just love
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