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  1. As the Great Depression went on into the mid-thirties, women found themselves breaking the mold and working outside of the home to support their families, becoming more independent and self-assured. I see in this specific dance routine that Ginger is imitating Fred in dance as women in the work force had to imitate the men. Ginger showed that anything he could do, she could do ... And even sometimes better!
  2. Love this scene! So understated, yet all of the props that are highlighted speaks volumes as to what kind of character Chevalier portrays. The jealous conversation at the start over the garter and ending with the one sentence, "It's my husband," makes you understand what a playboy he is! Everything after that just cleverly confirms that assumption ... His fastening of the dress when the husband couldn't. (Makes you understand that Chevalier was also much more talented in other aspects of the boudoir as well!) And of course the final close-up of a drawer full of pistols, confirming to the au
  3. I think the theme concerning the relationship between the characters is one that has transcended the decades through film in Hollywood: The high society debutante-type, who at first, feels as if she's too good for her admirer. Many of the Tracy/Hepburn films, "Moulin Rouge", "Notting Hill", "When Harry Met Sally", "Shakespeare In Love" while not all musicals, are all based on that same theme. We root for the sweet, poor, bumbling guy who is head over heals in love ... And we are rarely disappointed, that is at least as Hollywood goes!
  4. I think it is interesting that the lady in demand is French, which would be quite exotic and enticing for a depression era audience. Yet because of the enforced code, the character is very virginal in her appearance and manner. Pre-code, she might have been a bit naughtier.
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