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  1. Has TCM ever explored creating a 501c(3), that probably would be a competitor of AFI, but would be a nonprofit dedicated to preserving, restoring, showing, and educating about classic film? Then folks like us who have the resources could donate toward the movies we love, purchase rights, and expanding various TCM education opportunities. Heck, they could even do specific campaigns to preserve/restore specific noir or musicals or westerns that each of us with our respective pet projects would help fund?
  2. My mother wonders what she was thinking whenever it comes up in conversation. She is a very different person now. As a true fan of The Who, I agree. The music is epic.
  3. That's interesting. Really, either could play the up and comer or the has been.
  4. can't wait. I'll have to see if the preview is on youtube. Exciting. If I had my way today, I'd have Judy Garland and Frederick March because I love their respective performances. I am curious to see who is the dwindling star in the remake.
  5. I enjoyed La La Land a great deal. I look at the movie for what it is rather than what it could be. Asking for Fred and Ginger is like asking for moondust. It is so rare. We've watched tremendous musicals. We've watch so-so musicals, and some stinkers. La La Land is somewhere in the better than so-so and good range for me. it was a victim of being overhyped because people are starves for musicals. What I enjoyed about La La Land was a nostalgic movie informed by the past that is still examining how those crazy show biz kids of today are trying to make it happen. It showed us one of t
  6. @zea and @Marica I also gave up gardening and swimming (although an avid hiker, swimming is my regular form of exercise). I don't have the excuse for heat on swimming at my indoor pool. I managed to do just enough gardening, but I have a lot of dead-heading, fertilizing, weeding, and pruning to do. I'm chemical-free, so I don't use chemicals. It's all hand picking and natural remedies that take longer to catch up on, but it's worth it.
  7. So, I suspect this topic may have been posted before because this community is just so comprehensive. Yet, I can't find it. My mother was a single mother when I was born smack dab in 1970. Add to that my granny was very dedicated to art influencing me. Consequently, I was exposed to a great deal that other kids may not have been exposed to at an early age. As it relates to movies, here is my list of movies I shouldn't have seen with the corresponding age. I am leaving out the Noir movies I watched late at night as an insomniac, the movies my babysitters let me watch, and the great, age
  8. So...I love The Who, but I can't endure Tommy. I'll tell you why and I will date myself as a spring chicken for some and a lady of a certain age for others. My mom took me to see Tommy in the theater when I was four. I remember everything about that day in perfect crystalized clarity. She and I recently discussed my being a child of the 70s and how many inappropriate movies I saw for my age. Tommy scared the crap out of me, and, to be honest, my four-year old brain rightly or wrongly was scared straight off of narcotics from that day forward. Honest to goodness, I've never so much as dabbl
  9. This is a fantastic guide you've provided TCM! I've always wanted to go. This year may be the year I have to for the marking of the anniversary and the possible guests based on all that you propose as possible inclusions.
  10. I would pick Journey to Italy and Notorious only to show the scope of Bergman doing Hollywood and Bergman doing European film. Both are exquisite but amazingly different.
  11. I will confess, after watching High Society again, I give Kelly higher marks than I had. I am back to looking at the two movies as two entirely different things (as I had prior to the course). I can't compare the two even if they are verbatim the same story and largely dialogue. Philadelphia Story is a masterpiece. High Society is a fun, lovely musical -- but not even in my top 25.
  12. I gave up housecleaning. I can normally have TCM on while housecleaning, but for a course, I really wanted to focus on visual intake as well as audio. Don't get me wrong, when it is on in the background, it's because I've honestly seen the movie 15 times (maybe more), and there are some I will sit down for every time. However, for his course, I was committed to editing, set design, choreography, and cinematography. So, my home will be clean in July.
  13. Immortal Beloved Impromptu Amadeas Straight outa Compton Rocky Pennies From Heaven
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