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  1. They also mentioned two special bundles specifically for enrolled students which I was unable to find in my search in the TCM Mad About Musicals Shop https://shop.tcm.com/mam-books/b237634?az=23-11902. If anyone knows what the bundles are will they let me know? Please and Thank You.
  2. Though I love Judy as Dorothy and I LOVE The Wizard of Oz as it is, I think Shirley would have made a good Dorothy but in a much different way. I think she would have given a lot of credence to finding a world over the rainbow in the way of childhood whimsy. IT may also have added a mad the parts with the Wicked Witch seem more scary. I can picture her now singing..." The house began to twitch" with that cute little moue she often used.
  3. I too noticed the "wings". Thought it was a very clever design in reference to the song.
  4. I think It's Complicated would make a great musical. The affair with her ex, the hotel with the DR. spotted by her son in law and the scene where they get high and go to the party would all be excellent in a musical. And the scene where he sees the ex in her bed then she goes to his office would make for a wonderful "reflection" number. As to who would play those parts in a musical, I just don't know. Maybe the original cast?
  5. I watch so many musicals repeatedly every year, from early on to today's offerings but my favourites would have to be: Singing in the Rain -- It's just so happy and Hollywood glamorous. Good News -- I love June Allyson and Peter Lawford together in this film. Grease -- Saw it when I was a kid and have sung along every year since. I love the clothes and the story line of how we'll change for those we love. Any Elvis movie. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the King. :D
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