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  1. 1. This particular musical had a deeper meaning than most and the real meaning of the pain of discovering who you are is not clarified until towards the end of the film. I love all the colors, costumes and designs. Throughout the entire picture there is a wonderful motif made by the director. 2. It is a wonderful scene full of emotions between the two. I am sure that Cukor coached Hepburn prior to the scene and I imagine it must have taken some mental preparation. Even Harrison expresses very deep and intensely revealing emotions. It is in this scene it is realized that not only does Eli
  2. 1. In the first clip we see that our hero is a con man and alpha male. Although, the character is dishonest, we find ourselves rooting for him. I believe that is due to the talented acting of Preston. In the second clip we see a very different approach to the portrayal of a gay person. I thought that he walked a thin line very well, holding on to his masculinity while at the same time very lightly hinting about his character. I felt like he played a man that happens to be gay rather than a gay man. 2. In "The Music Man" I noticed that many of Preston's movements and expressions had some s
  3. 1. The song "That's Entertainment" definitely gives the feeling of looking back because it was a classic song from the early 50's. The sweet innocence of the two girls reminds us of the wonderful Shirley Temple pictures from the 30's. I believe seeing veteran players such as Rosalind Russell and Karl Malden also help to achieve the effect of earlier times. I believe it looks ahead with the children as well as looking back, because it expresses the appetite of wanting to find new talent and new faces to replace the old. 2. Her entrance was very abrupt but honestly not surprising for Russe
  4. 1. This is a musical so it has a lot of leeway in that area, one of the best things about musicals is that you can be unrealistic and still have the story line of the film taken seriously, granted it is a fine line you have to walk while doing so. The first time I watched the film I remember thinking of the creativity of it, rather than it being unrealistic. 2. First of all it's Gene Kelly so you already like him. I really did not find his character to be unlikable, I actually found him to be bold, honest and humorous. The two women in the scene were unlikeable in my opinion which probabl
  5. 1. I found they lined up extremely well, the entire routine was near perfection in every sense. 2. I imagine it must have been difficult to play it straight the whole but at the same instance enjoyable to watch two dance legends perform such a wonderful routine. 3. In the film O'Conner is the comic relief and Kelly is the alpha male. I always found that even though Kelly was the alpha, he always played it very loose and fun. In this scene I felt that there was no lead male only two equal men performing an amazing routine together. The professor played the straight character which I
  6. 1. I felt like her character in this film took a big step toward redefining the image of women on screen. She was not the custom female lead because she was tough, dressed in manly attire and had almost none of the lady like mannerisms audiences were use to seeing. 2. I believe like any actor or actress Day became more comfortable and confident in the roles she played. Musicals and comedies were her strong suits in my opinion. I do not think I am the best judge of Day because I do not think I have seen enough of her pictures from that era. 3. I definitely believe it added because sh
  7. 1. For one thing the number they did is about equality so the spotlight is spread evenly with the four. It is different from other musicals because it concentrates on four characters who are all relying on each other, and you feel like you are watching a group routine rather than watching Astaire. It sends a wonderful message of unity. 2. The Three men are dressed suits and the lady in a dress but the clothing is nothing outlandish everyone just sort of blends together so that you see them as one unit rather than four individuals. 3. It has a sense of playfulness, the reason the gags
  8. 1. The bedside scene made for good close ups so you could see all of Petunia's facial expressions so the audience would know what she was feeling with every lyric. As we go into the outside laundry setting we see that it provides a much more open and mobile environment. Petunia doing laundry during the song gives her a natural action that she can use throughout the scene. I think it tells us that she loves Joe and that he is very much a major part of her life. The song expresses that with a feeling of loyalty to Joe and to God. 2. I think the sentiment would have been close to same,
  9. 1. Although he is trying to get away from her you have to think it took timing from both of them to pull off that scene so that every funny moment between them matched. I can definitely see where the editor would come into play in the scene, especially the stunt man switch with Sinatra sliding down the railing. 2. It prepares us by the background setting of the scene and Sinatra trying to get by Garret while she keeps blocking his way which then leads into the chase and then the song.
  10. 1. The first film I saw her in was probably the same that many of us discovered her for the first time. It was "The Wizard Of Oz," I watched it when I was a small child. I remember thinking how beautiful I thought she was and falling in love with her immediately. The scene that really spoke to me, was Dorothy singing "Some Where Over The Rainbow," there was something so surreal about it. She seemed very innocent to me and she made me feel safe. 2. In the clips I viewed her as more mature and grown up. She seemed more out going and out spoken, not as timid or helpless as her character Doro
  11. It was fun to throw around opinions about this topic. In the end however, Yankee Doodle Dandy is labeled as a Bio-graphical Musical. Side note: it did get put into a special category as a Bio-graphical Musical instead of just a musical.
  12. 1. There are many things in the scene that promote American values, some are very obvious and others bit more subtle. The obvious would be the White House setting, the conversation of Cohan's up bringing and talk of serving the country in different forms. The more subtle hints would be items such as Cohn's flag pin and the tittle of his plays. 2. The lines referencing Cohan's life long work of his patriotic performances were very moral boosting, to see a man who dedicated his life to expressing to the world the love of his country. One line in the scene " A regular Yankee Doodle Dandy. Al
  13. Unfortunately do not have time to watch films on TCM by schedule however I am an avid film collector so some I have from the list and some I do not. These were what I watched so far. The Music Man. Pot O' Gold Top Hat
  14. Yes Yankee Doodle has always been one of my favorites as well. That is awesome that you got to see the Broadway play, I bet it was good. If you ever have the chance you should listen to the commentary on Yankee Doodle it is very interesting.
  15. I do not know what my favorite would be but here are a few favorites in no particular order. The Music Man. There is a lot of inventive ways they perform their songs not to mention there are many good songs in that musical. Singing in the Rain. I love this one for so many reasons but the main reason is that it was simple a well done musical with lots of entertaining songs and dance routines. Hans Christian Anderson. I love Danny Kaye and this is my favorite movie that he was ever in. Great songs and creative dance sequences. Just a really wonderful film. I have more but I
  16. I had always been made to understand that the Jazz Singer is defined as a silent movie with three sound sequences rather than a talkie. Things can get a little fuzzy when you reach that far back. For example I was doing a study on what was the first picture with color and the results at least for me, were inconclusive. I think the reason you hear more about the Jazz Singer is because it may have been more popular at the time. If you remember in Singing In The Rain that is the film they referenced. In short I know as much as you. I am sorry I could not be more helpful.
  17. There are a lot of things you can consider when determining what to class a film but we all have different ideas about what makes a movie a musical. This is the very thing we are discussing in a topic I started. The topic is titled Is Yankee Doodle Dandy a Musical? Which turned into people pondering what aspects class a musical, which then opened up other topics as I hoped it would. In short I guess it depends on what your own idea of what a musical should be. Sorry I that did not really have a straight answer.
  18. Honestly I never really analyze films because that would not give me very much enjoyment. I get different perceptions watching motion pictures and I notice things, but its more of a natural thing for me. Here is an example of what I am talking about. I watched a film titled "All About Eve" because it was on my personal list of movies to see. (I am currently viewing all the films that ever one best picture) I knew nothing of the plot of the movie and as I viewed the picture there was a character that was very innocent, kind, and humble. I did not like the character which was strange to me becau
  19. Interesting perception and since you brought that up here is a thought. If you recall in the movie Yankee doodle dandy Cohan ends up convincing an opera singer to perform at the theater in one of the plays he wrote. So to me that can open up another discussion. I definitely see where you’re coming from but earlier we were discussing about Restrictions and I don’t think you can restrict the definition of a musical to a building.
  20. I think it’s wonderful all of the different perceptions of what defines a musical I am really enjoying this topic. I have never liked Labels, however, The reason my definition of a musical is perhaps a bit restrictive is because when it gets to the Academy Awards it has to be put in to the correct category, because as we all know there are special awards for films that are placed in certain categories. So I guess I consider a lot of things When I am talking about my perceptions. Perhaps I am overthinking it a little But I guess it’s just because I love film so much. Please keep the posts comin
  21. One thing that caught my eye was that someone said if you take out the songs Do you still have a movie. That is a very good thought. So with that in mind I want us to think about other biographies such as the ones I mentioned earlier such as I walk the line and Ray when we are Considering if Yankee doodle is a musical
  22. I noticed that Yankee Doodle Dandy was on the list of suggested musicals to watch and after I gave it some thought I remembered I had always been a little unsure if I would consider that particular film a musical. In my humble opinion for a film to be considered a complete musical I would consider such details as the following: songs that would express the storyline or feelings of a player in the picture, music that would sometimes come out of no where, random singing and dancing in a public place where it seems to be the normal behavior. The reason I lean toward thinking that Yankee Doodle is
  23. 1. The formula in most of the pictures with Astaire and Rogers has been that he chases and she resists. In this clip we get surprised by Rogers. She does not give in or resist, she initiates herself as an equal and begins to show interest towards Astaire by matching him in a dance of one-upmanship. The fact that they shook hands at the end showed their mutual respect and understanding for one another. 2. One thing that makes it different from the other clips is the wonderful dancing routines and the equality shown between males and females in this particular motion picture. This film was
  24. 1. What I noticed about the Lubitsch touch as it is called, was that he was able to translate what was going on in the scene very easily by using objects and facial expressions in humorous ways. In the beginning of the scene Alfred states that she is jealous, once we see the garter and it is established that it is not hers, we begin to understand what kind of character Chevalier is portraying. The many guns in the drawer and the way he charmingly smiles show us that this is a regular routine for Alfred. 2. The opening sound sequence of muffled voices behind a door has a very engaging effe
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