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  1. One of my favorites too. I rate it a sold 10.
  2. It's just for Oscar month, won't it be back in March? Plus it gives the guy (sorry, forgot his name) time to research and track down more films and me a chance to actually watch the ones taped to my DVR. Meantime read some of the stories and books the films were based on? Plus, if you look at the upcoming schedule there are film noirs throughout, just not at the times we're accustomed to and without the appropriate introductions and epilogues.
  3. Well, guess what? IMDB says this movie was released on DVD in 1998! So -- TCM, please get hold of a copy and air it! Thank you, Arlene Herring ekelks@msn.com
  4. http://tcmdb.com/title/title.jsp?scarlettTitleId=69043 here's the link, I hope. David Lean directed. Noel Coward wrote the play, the screenplay too, I think...
  5. Check it out: search TCM for "Bithe Spirit," that gorgeous Noel Coward movie with Rex Harrison and other greats, and you'll be asked to add your vote to a petition to get the classic movie studios to transfer it from video to DVD format, or is it just to video? Either way, please do this: the funniest, most enchanting love/ghost story ever, and the color! I'll come back with a link.
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