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  1. Kiss of Death, Night and The City, Pick-Up on South Street. Scarlet Street, The Stranger, Odd Man Out, Brighton Rock, The Third Man, The Window, The Big Heat. Leaving out a lot. Only three-- sadistic. Am adding Sabotage (Hitchcock) -- because I love it. Chronologically too soon for noir, but it is pre-noir, noir prototype.
  2. The Match King, Three on a Match, Public Enemy, Gold Diggers of 1933, Night Nurse, She Done Him Wrong, Morning Glory, A Farewell to Arms, Employees' Entrance, Red-Headed Woman, The Front Page
  3. Does noir music have to be jazz? Can't it be classical, and why not pop?
  4. One more, https://parallax-view.org/2009/04/03/keeping-score-musique-noir-investigating-the-sound-of-film-noir/
  5. http://www.bernardherrmann.org/articles/misc-torncurtain/ if you look to the right of the article, there are more links and resources to noir music. and there's this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Film_Noir_(album) Carly Simon's Film Noir, a 1996 album: Edit "You Won't Forget Me" (Kermi Goel, F. Speilman) – 2:52 "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye" (Cole Porter) – 4:33 "Lili Marlene" (M. David, Norbert Schultze, H. Leip) – 3:41 "Last Night When We Were Young" (Edgar Yip Harburg, Harold Arlen) – 4:42 "Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year"
  6. Assuming most everyone who loves Eddie & film noir knows about his Film Noir Foundationhttp://www.filmnoirfoundation.org/home.html. Twenty dollars gets you an emailed newsletter full of all sorts of film noir facts & the money gies to film restoration.
  7. HBOMAX has a great deal of his movies available now (5/2021), The Apu Trilogy & many more. Others are on The Criterion Channel.
  8. The 49th Parallel (1941), & That Hamilton Woman (1941).
  9. Sanuel Fuller's The Crimson Kimino (1959).
  10. I look forward all week long to Saturday night film noirs with Eddie Mueller.
  11. What Price Hollywood, Baby Face, The Most Dangerous Game, Bombshell
  12. One of my favorites too. I rate it a sold 10.
  13. It's just for Oscar month, won't it be back in March? Plus it gives the guy (sorry, forgot his name) time to research and track down more films and me a chance to actually watch the ones taped to my DVR. Meantime read some of the stories and books the films were based on? Plus, if you look at the upcoming schedule there are film noirs throughout, just not at the times we're accustomed to and without the appropriate introductions and epilogues.
  14. Dear TCM, Thank you for airing these genius vintage films -- they are the history of the films we treaasure today. I wiish you would air them regularly. Late Friday nights, maybe? Sunday nights! Awful! I had to rearrange my entire DVR to fit them all in. But I'm sure they'll be worth it. Anything by a Fleischer brother is. Thanks, Arlene Herring, Brooklyn, NY
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