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  1. C'est tres amusant. Immediately, you notice the garter held by Paulette, obviously not hers as she lifts her skirt revealing her own two being worn. This gives clarification to the prior dialogue through which Alfred had told the audience she was 'so jealous.' Next we see Paulette withdraw a handgun from a very nice decorative handbag, obviously she has good taste or a wealthy benefactor....the latter to be revealed as being an additional jealous character, her husband; voice soon heard in hallway just prior to bursting through door. I found the violin composition as camera shifted between Alf
  2. I have varying opinions on the lighthearted playfulness displayed throughout this clip. First off, the period of time being displayed was of the initial meeting between Flo and Anna. As their relationship began in the early 1900s (1907, I believe), it occurred just as our country was coming out of the Gilded Age, a time of great economic boom, industrialization, technological advances, etc. as well as just prior to the first panic of Wall Street which took place that same year. So, it is understandable to see certain level of carefree and lighthearted frivolity on display. However, because th
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