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  1. Hi, and thanks for responding, but I still don't get it. Can you explain more fully? Did the film start with the lion at its original release? Did Warner Bro's buy any other MGM films and remove the lion from them, too? If so, why? MGM was credited at the beginning of this film. Why take out the lion? I obviously don't understand the repercussions of it "not being in the public domain." What up?
  2. Hi everybody, I have seen "Strike Up the Band" many times over the years, so I didn't watch it immediately for the class. I just got to it today and I am obviously watching with new eyes. I noticed that this MGM film didn't open with its usual roaring lion. Do any of you know why? I was very surprised.
  3. I love this movie and Fred and Ginger as a team. This dance specifically is a true delight. I love that they meet on equal terms in this dance, but I don't see it as a battle of the sexes as much his attempt to gain her interest. It's a long, teasing flirt. They dance so close to each other throughout, but it's well past half way through the number that they finally touch. And even then it's only to turn the other around. Finally they go into each other's arms and dance enthusiastically! Oh yes! They've made the audience wait for that! Their shaking hands at the end is their acknowled
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