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  1. 1. I feel like if she were more theatrical it would take away from the true meaning of the song. The performance that Streisand gave was more emotional and memorable. 2. You can tell both the characters are together. While she sings, he looks at her adoringly. 3. She dances and moves in a playful manner. The movement makes the scene more emotional.
  2. 1. Cukor finds actors and actresses who give true and genuine emotion with ease. 2. Emotions are very high in this scene, she gets frustrated because he can not reciprocate the feelings she has for him. Cukor supports this with the real emotion she gave to the scene. 3. Eliza is very much in love with Higgins but he does not feel the same way. Cukor uses wide and dramatic shots to help the audience feel the emotion that Eliza feels.
  3. 1. I think the most noticeable thing is there isn't exactly one more dominant male of the group. There are more roles being filed that wouldn't have been filed before, like a gay man being portrayed. 2. I notice that he captures everyone's attention when he is in a scene. 3. I have not seen any other of his movies.
  4. 1. It looks backwards by using the innocence of children and it looks forwards by creating a more realistic environment instead of a fantasy. 2. She walks into the room and completely owns it. She takes control of the scene. 3. The words can be interpreted in a different light and the it is not as innocent as it sounds.
  5. 1. I don't think so. The ballet is a fantasy, it shouldn't have a very realistic element to it. 2. He is only seen as unlikeable when he insults the girl. Otherwise, he has a bounce in his step and people generally enjoy him.
  6. 1. The dance moves are more in sync and open up to the musical number. 2. The professor adds humor to the scene by being straight. It's amazing that he can stay like that while two people dance around him. 3. All 3 of the men act very masculine, but O'Connor's character is a bit more feminine that the other men.
  7. 1. She is different because she is not as feminine as other girls during this time. She wears pants, makes her own choices, and does not let men tell her who she is. 2. She can play many roles and can do a variety of singing and dancing. 3. I believe it adds to her persona because if though she is more of a tomboy she is bright and cheerful, which helps builds her character.
  8. 1. The way they interact with each other is they all perform as a big group. What one person does the other follows. Other musicals we have watched are more individualized performances. 2. All the men wear basically the same suit and the woman wears a nice dress. No one is more dressed up or underdressed, this makes the scene more well balanced. 3. The scene is very fun and playful. The characters all stay close to each other and react off the others performance. What one character does the others kind of copy off of.
  9. 1. It shows that Petunia is a good wife and her desire to be loved by him. She wants to take care of him while he is ill and comfort him. 2. I don't think that it would really change, the song is about love, devotion, protecting, and caring about a certain person very strongly. This song could be sung to either a child or a significant other, 3. This film portrays African Americans during this time in a more positive light. It shows African Americans fighting for their country and unifying with white people.
  10. 1. The camera follows them when they dance through the bleachers, the chasing up the stairs. 2. She leans up against the wall and he comes out of the room, it sets the scene up for a musical number.
  11. 1. The first Judy garland film I watched was, "The Wizard of Oz." I thought she fit the role perfectly of Dorothy, she had a very youthful performance. 2. In these clips Judy Garland seemed more mature and has grown as an actress since "The Wizard of Oz." 3. "Summer Stocks" comes to mind from her later career.
  12. 1. There are flags placed everywhere, to build up the patriotic belief. There was also a lot of patriotic talk. 2. There was a lot of talk about how patriotic the father was. 3. If the parade was first the audience wouldn't get to know how Mr. Cohan came to love his country. It wouldn't have given a good introduction to the parade scene either if it came first.
  13. 1. He added a comedic element to the scene. This also helps us understand the frustration the woman has with her husband. 2. I think the sound of the gun being shot and nothing happening builds to the scenes comedic theme. 3. They make funny movies for people to enjoy, to make them forget about their real troubles for a little while.
  14. 1. What I notice about the interaction between the two characters is that they are both attracted to one another but they are trying to fight the attraction. 2. I have not seen wither of these actors in other movies or television shows. 3. Both try to deny that they want the other in the beginning but in the end they always end up happy together. The norms that I expect are supported are more formal relationships.
  15. 1. I do think that a brighter perspective of life is being shown because in reality the Great Depression was going on. In the clip it shows Ziegfeld giving away money like it wasn't a problem. 2. The movie tried to make the audience feel happier and cheerful despite what was happening in real life. 3. Pre-code would probably have not shown the women naked and in bras, the characters probably would have been more serious, and it wouldn't have shown the characters getting undressed.
  16. 1. I do not believe this a battle of the sexes. Both partners are excellent dancers and equally match each other throughout the dance. 2. The film is different from other Depression Era films because Ginger Rogers isn't portrayed as the same as other females during this time. The dances are more natural looking instead of having intense choreography. 3. Woman are starting to find more employment during this time, they are able to stand up for themselves more as well.
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