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  1. Powell used her space and traveled around the room. The moves were tight and precise. You watched her move and heard that she was tapping, but I had to remind myself to check her feet and watch how she was dancing because it was so relaxed and comfortable. Keeler stared at her feet so I stared at her feet. The camera even zoomed in to show her shoes. It felt more forced as she seemed to pound every step into the ground (or top of a car!) Her moves got away from her and did not stay neatly underneath her. She seemed to overexaggerate each step which may have come from dancing on a stage instead
  2. 1. My favorite part every time of this clip is the flip of the jacket done by Ginger (Dale). I love the attitude with the flick and lack of attention to Astaire (Jerry) while she does it. His jacket flick is more casual and less defined. Beyond the clip provided, it is Dale's attitude and willingness to stand up to him that initially draws Jerry to her. And her looks in her bathrobe of course. At the beginning of the clip, she still does not really like him, he just kidnapped her after stalking her after all. And you can see a bit of her showing off and trying to outdo him at the beginning of
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