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  1. 1. If Streistand had been more expressive and theatrical in this scene if would have taken away fro the scene. To give it over expression would have made no sense for this scene. Her performance would have been way out of context if she had belted the song "People" out. It would have made her voice unbearable to hear if she had belted it out. I will admitt I am not a fan of hers at all but she did fit this part to a tee and she used just the right amount of exprssion, theatrics and kept her song in pitch and octave where it needed to be. 2. The two exchange the glances and smiles to show
  2. 1. Cukor was a master at having very full screen scenes. Being familiar with Gaslight as well I see the use of lighting and the full scene that he uses in all of his films. He also uses his actors and actresses to really play their emotions and scenes with such ease and flair. 2. Cukor was so very good at using his players to potray the emotions that these scenes would come to life. 3. Cukor's use of open or full scenes in his movies makes the full scope of emotions that the actors use come to life. You can feel the emotions not just because of Coker's direction but you have Audrey
  3. 1.Men are starting to be more efeminate as the musicals progress in the 1960s on. The male performances are starting to catch up with society and what is going on at that time and even currently. 2. Robert Preston shows quite a bit of diversity in these two movies. He also seems a bit more sarcastic in the second film instead of straight laced like the Music Man. He knew how to keep up with the trends in the movies. 3. Unfortunatly I have not seen any other films with Robert Preston in them. I do know that he was very dedicated to his craft and was able to sustain his career for man
  4. 1. This scene ha all the hallmarks of the classic musical with its big costumes, colors, and in your face singing. This scene also has the disrutive qualities that come starting in the 1960s. The acting deals with more real issuses such as getting ahead and even the backdoor deals that go on in the field of entertainment and the real word. You atart to see the tensions start that were going on at that time in the 1960s. 2. She knows when to come in on the cue to give maximun effect for the scene. Most classically trained actresses and actors learn that as part of their craft and nine tim
  5. 1. I think that the film's style is just what it needs to be. It was big, bold, down-to-earth, and what was needed for the time frame. It was competing for attention from a little thing called television like most movies were at the time. 2. Jerry Mulligan knew how to play his parts very well. He puts just enough macho man to loveable guy ratio in the scene. He was a complete jerk to the college girl but got stumped by the rich girl (Grace Kelly). Mulligan also played the part without being a complete jackass like you see in today's films.
  6. 1. O'Conner and Kelly"s pre dance moves are so well timed with their actual dance moves that they blend so smoothly together. These two had flawless dance moves which shows the perfect timing when these two were put together. Being a fan of this movie and Gene Kelly I would say that watching his flawless footwork is amazing. Pair him with O'Conner and you can't lose. 2. The straight man role of the professor is crucial to the comedic timing and the plot of this film. It reminds me of My Fair Lady when Audrey Hepburn's character is getting her "lady" lessons from the professor and he does
  7. 1. This character of Calamity Jane played by Doris Day falls in the middle to end of the continuium. She is both tough and gentle which puts her into the I need a man to a I can do it myself. This is where the starlet starts to get more meaty roles. 2. In her many roles Dorris Day becomes more independent, much like Kathran Hepburn, and rufuses to stagnate as just another pretty face. Her ability as an actress to sing and act just grows leaps and bounds in the 1950s. Her roles are much more female showcase as opposed to focous on the male actor. 3. Her sunny personality adds to her r
  8. 1. The four characters are so well blended together and each is just as important to the scene as the others. The noticable change is the fact that a woman was as equal as the three guys in the scene. She was not the typical background chracter or damsel in distress as in earlier musicals. It also was a change from the boy chases girl from most earlier musicals. The scene also depicts the true intent of any movie- Entertainment. 2. All four characters are dressed in more monotone colors which keeps the focous on all the charaters instead of just one. Even the bright reds of the background
  9. 1. The way the scene is directed in Cabin In The Sky with Petunia going from the sitting room of the cabin to Joe's side and then it cutting out to her doing laundry with Joe outside shows the feeling Petunia has for Joe. It shows love, concern, happiness and a deep connection between the two characters. 2. Would the song change if she was singing about her child, of course. The meaning and lyrics would be different with regards to how she expresses love. The difference in love one has for a child is very different from the love one has for their spouse. 3. This film shows the Black
  10. 1. The shot by shot of this sequence is so well done that the sequence was edited to allow the audience to know thw exact action that follows. The step by step up the stadium seats lets you know that she is literally chasing him and not going to be ignored by him. If you watch very carefully the producer made a point to have the film edited in such a way that the audience could see each step before and after as leading up to the woman getting the man's attention and never losing it. 2. The sequence prepares us for the musical number by having the actors keep in step with the beat and lyri
  11. 1.The first film I ever saw Judy Garland in was of course "The Wizard of Oz". My first impression of her was that she had a perfect little smile and great facial expressions which made you feel the scene she was acting out. I also saw her potential as an actress that ability to mature. 2. After watching these two clips I get a much more indepth of her singing ability and her ability to make you feel the scene. She was a great actress and I am glad I have been able to enjoy her work. 3. The later works that showcase her ability to storytell through song are "Meet Me in St Louis", "Eas
  12. 1. The use of the flag and soliders who depicted the idea of freedom and that we live in the greatest country in the world. The use of the white house also shows how important the leader of the country is to keeping the values of family, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are of impotance to our country. Even the 4th of July parade and the actor talikng to the president about the hope of adding the last few stars to Old Gory are impotant. 2. When the actor speaking to the President says "I have followed every parade with a flagin my hand" speaks of the pride of being American and
  13. 1. There is the battle for being the lead in this secene and it is obvious in the dance routine. She is also being more forcful in her approach to be equal in his eyes as well as her own. 2. This film is not based on the romance part as much as the other films are that have been looked at. It has a clear line of a woman stepping out into a more bold role where in the other films it was typical views of how women should be and what they should want. 3. In the later 1930's there is a more bold type of actress that you did not see in the early motion pictures. Stars like Ginger Rogers a
  14. 1. The touch is very staged. When it is used it is obvious that they are trying to obey a code and be mindful of it. As for the character and the use of props, staging, and dialogue make Alfred appear to be jealous, loving, and chivalrous all in one scene. 2. The scene is very selective in it's use of sound. It makes for great dramatic effect. The part of the scene where he walks up to the other man with the gun without saying anything and then shooting the gun is a masterpiece of dramatic flaire. This part of the scene gives a more intense feel then just walking up and firing the gun.
  15. 1. In clip one they are more relaxed when they are talking and it seems more natural for them to be together. In scene 2 it is obvious that Rose Marie is looked down on for not being what is called a "lose" woman. It is obvious that the male half is bothered by the lady being downgraded by the bar maid woman. 2. I have not seen these two in other movies that I recall. 3. It is obvious that woman were expected to be more reserved and if they were not they were not moral women and were not given respect. Under the code the norms that are depicted is that if you are a woman who spoke y
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