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  1. @LawrenceA: Thank you so much for your help. After viewing these suggestions, I decided to check out the episode descriptions of the TV programs you mentioned. I found a website that gives brief explanations of television episodes. The closest I found was from Lights Out an episode called Rendezvous. It is the only program I found with an episode involving a plane that sounds close enough to what I was describing. Unfortunately, all I can find is a vague description of the episode, and have been unable to find a way to obtain a copy so I can view it. Whenever I try to access this TV seri
  2. I was so excited when I found this thread by chance, and so disappointed when I couldn't find a satisfactory answer to this mystery of what the correct film/tv program is. I too have been looking for years for this piece of work, and have been frustrated because there are so many programs that exist with similar plots, but none that are exactly what I'm looking for. I just watched Soul Survivor and this is definitely not the right movie. What I'm looking for was a black and white movie. To give context, I was born in the 80s and have never owned a black and white TV set. What I saw was on
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