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  1. The wizard of oz because it was often on television when I was a child. I think I was impressed that although she was still really a child that she had a maturity to play the roll and be its lead. Although she was much younger than the actors in the adult rolls, she was in many ways the leader in the group.
  2. Interesting too that many Irish were not treated well when they immigrated, yet the George and his family were such supporters of America.
  3. In some ways it reminds me that silent movies were still primary at that time. The dialogue is relatively sparse and often in foreign language yet it is performed in such a way that you can understand with few words what is happening in this scene. The exterior scene is very quiet even though there is a lot of action happening. I enjoyed where Maurice is shot but other than the gun's pop there is no sound just his actions and facial reactions along with the husband as he feels for the wound and they realize together that he wasn't shot. The fact that these movies at that period of ti
  4. I had only previously seen clips of them during musical numbers but not their acting off each other. His playful manner when he is speaking to her in the canoe and watching her face as he sings to her and her expression changes from indifference to attraction. In the saloon you can see her discomfort and embarrassment at trying to draw the crowds attention and self consciousness in her lack of 'sex appeal'. The fact that the piano player described her singing as fair reflected the fact that her singing wasn't the style the customers wanted to hear.
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