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  1. There have been some good sci-fi movies in the past few years — Arrival is one I can think of off the top of my head. But yes, I’d be up for a TCM Sci-fi course. I’d like to see a few really bad old flicks featured as well, like Queen of Outer Space.
  2. Plus we’ll always have the insights from this course, so when we get a chance to watch these films again in the future – as we undoubtedly will, because TCM shows films over and over again – we can think about what we’ve learned.
  3. There was indeed a mention of Saturday Night Fever in one of the discussions -- I can't recall at the moment whether it was in a video lecture or the final podcast, but it was during the wrap-up of post-'75 movies. I agree that the film was a game-changer in many ways. I don't want to speculate on the reasons it wasn't included in the schedule for the course or the course discussions -- the omission could have been related to rights issues, but IIRC TCM has showed it in the past.
  4. You might want to use the "Contact Us" tab on this forum to ask someone. Of course, there's always the old adage "it's easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission."
  5. It did win. I was so happy for Jordan Peele. The movie was amazing. I learned so much from all the conversations around it. I don't know much about the background of Moana, but I do know that the developers of Coco were initially strongly criticized when Disney's lawyers actually tried to trademark the phrase "Dia de los Muertos" (!). But the director/creator, who is white, seized the opportunity to bring members of the Latinx community into the process, and the resulting film has been highly praised. I haven't had a chance to see it yet, but it's on Netflix right now, so
  6. The responses to the reviews of the revamped app in the iPhone App Store. The developers explicitly state that the schedule was removed because of user requests. Thanks for the links to the schedule. I'm pretty angry about having to use my browser to find this information when the app did so in a perfectly logical way for years.
  7. The problem with relying on the OnDemand option, as I have discovered this week to my chagrin, is that TCM doesn't have the rights to all of these movies -- especially the musicals from this past week. It would have been extremely helpful if TCM and/or the instructors had let us know in advance which films would not be available OnDemand after they were shown on the network. I don't have a DVR, so I would have made a specific effort to watch some of the films as they were being shown if I'd known I wouldn't have a chance to see them later.
  8. Amen, MarkH. WSS is one of my all-time favorite movies, and the choreography in particular is superb, but Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer were just wrong for their roles. I've seen the show on stage a number of times, and having a Tony and Maria who actually have chemistry makes all the difference. At the same time, I am not at all a fan of Steven Spielberg. His approach to films is a bit too glossy for me, and I'm concerned that the result will be mediocre as a result.
  9. I saw Godspell in the theater when it originally came out as well (I was in high school) and liked it a lot. I love the music, and still own the vinyl original-cast album (from the theatrical version). I think the stripped-down staging that KayeA mentioned works better for the show. I actually didn't get to see the movie version this week when TCM showed it, but I did watch the trailer, and found it overly-precious and annoyingly gimmicky. The part that caught my attention the most were the glimpses of the World Trade Center. Before this week, I've re-watched the musical number that was f
  10. I haven't read most of the other responses, so I don't know if anyone else has mentioned these points, but two things struck me about this scene. One was the sign above Sharif's/Nicky's head when he was standing listening to Fanny/Barbra near the end of the song: it says "NewAge Optical." These two characters are trying to see each other in a different, nontraditional way. The second was the use of the stairway railing as an element in the frame. It cuts diagonally, separating the two characters. But Barbra is at one end of the railing/line and Sharif is at the other, so it connects
  11. TCM has just updated both its website and its app. I haven’t tried using the website yet, but the more I try using the app, the less I like it. The schedule is totally gone — something the developers admit was done on purpose. (They claim that users were asking that the schedule be eliminated. Sure, and I’m Bette Davis.) The Watch Live option is still there, but we can only see the title of, and a pic from, the current and next films — no information about them at all. If it’s a movie with which we’re unfamiliar, how are we supposed to decide whether we want to watch or not? Reviews
  12. I also miss the schedule. The more I try to use the new version of the app, the more I dislike it.
  13. I was struck by Professor Ament’s description of actress Grace Kelly’s family of origin as “working class.“ As a native Philadelphian, I immediately recognized the error. Kelly’s family was affluent – not at all what I would consider “working class.“ As Catholics, they simply didn’t have the same clout that WASP families, like the Biddles, did. Here’s a link to a Washington Post excerpt from a biography of her: https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/style/longterm/books/chap1/highsociety.htm?noredirect=on
  14. When I was growing up, Stubby Kaye was the host of a kids’ TV game show called “Shenanigans!” He sang the theme song. Here’s a clip of the opening, but you can find entire episodes on YouTube.
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