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  1. love parade 1 props my favorite prop was the drawer filled with the derringers from Chevalier’s various l’amours. This definitely tells us how much of a philanderer he is as well. The nice of the lastest female lover enters with a garter in hand not as she shows hers on her legs. Again evidence that he has had other ladies. 2 sound the sound that is most effective in the scene is the gun shots, appropriate for derringer and close shot. The sound for the rattling of the knobs of the door both draws the attention of Chevalier and his lover as well as announce her husband and company
  2. Top Hat 1 the clip shows the Ginger Rodgers show Astair that she is his equal first by the way she is dressed in her riding outfit, pants, shirt, boots, and jacket. She is on equal footing with him . When they dance she tried to one up him I her steps. eventually we see the same as we see in the movie Deliverance with the banjos, they dance the same dances without touch each other. In sync but separate. 2 Fred goes dressed in a nice suit in the park and Ginger has a proper riding outfit in large gazebo, typical of the depression movies. In films like My Man Godfrey the depression
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