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  1. I thought it was pleasant enough but didn’t get why it got so many accolades. I appreciated the fact that somebody actually came up with something original in these times of endless remakes, sequels and reboots. I thought the songs and dancing were underwhelming.
  2. I downloaded the Shindig app on my iPad and had no problem. There were some good questions and answers but an hour was too short.
  3. Hal Linden is the singer of Midas Touch in the nightclub in Bells Are Ringing! Almost didn’t recognize him without his mustache.
  4. There’s an error in this Nitrate game. One of the answers should be George Cukor but it filled in as Cokor when I chose the ‘o’.
  5. I have the same thing happening. When I click on a module it often takes a while for the body of it to load after the title. However, nothing loads for this one.
  6. I think this movie and a couple more of his early ones showed that Elvis could have been a decent actor. Don’t know if it was his army stint or Tom Parker or a combination that steered him to the fluff movies he ended up doing.
  7. One of my favorites from Guys & Dolls: Skye Masterson: Daddy, I’ve got cider in my ear.
  8. This isn’t the first movie I’ve seen that’s been restored this way. It would be nice if there was a disclaimer of some sort before the movie airs though. I learned about the restoration using stills because I’ve gotten into the habit of going to IMDB on my tablet to learn the trivia. Most of the lost footage for Star is Born was found but not all of it so stills were used.
  9. I’ve never see the 1936 version but after taking this class I think I’d like to give it a shot. The 1951 movie has never been one of my favorites even though I adore Howard Keel. In general I prefer my musicals to be more entertaining than tackling serious subjects. However, if it s going to be serious, then it should be done properly, as West Side Story does. MGM’s “glossing” of the underlying stories hits a jarring note for me.
  10. I also love Danny Kaye. On of my favorites is On The Riviera. He does a great job in another dual role. This time he’s playing an entertainer and a businessman he impersonates instead of twins like in Wonder Man. His movies aren’t shown nearly often enough.
  11. Glad to see this thread. I wondered about the same thing after viewing Dr Ament’s tap foley video. Good to have it clarified. I am amazed that Astaire didn’t do his own.
  12. I knew her best as the housekeeper on McMillan & Wife. I’ve always loved her & agree she stole the show until the final number by Tommy Dix. What a voice! The course spotlights certain movies which are discussed in the lecture notes, videos, etc. However I’d love to see some sort of blurb on why each of the movies was chosen for inclusion. While Best Foot Forward was ok, I definitely wondered why it would be chosen for this course.
  13. Debbie Kerrick - I read that Buddy turned down a 7-year contract from MGM & they were the ones who blackballed him.
  14. I’m using the Canvas app on my iPad. It has a link to this forum in the course list.
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