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  1. Watching these old musicals bring back memories of more that I saw growing up that haven’t been shown in years: The Boys From Syracuse; The Kid From Spain, Roman Scandals (I think Betty Grable was a Goldwyn Girl in the chorus), Whopee, with Eddie Cantor. You would think TCM would show these. I saw Rio Rita (with John Boles) once on TCM and think they should show these more often along with the silents. These are the closest remnants to those original Broadway shows from the days of Zigfield.
  2. First of all, let me say that I love Helen Broderick in these movies. Later comediennes like Eve Arden and Lucille Ball must have taken a lesson from her. In answer to the first question, she always played that strong female character who didn’t take any guff from anyone. The earlier musicals were mostly about putting on Broadway shows - Broadway Melody, 42nd Street, Gold Diggers. Now they are starting to break away with different storylines.
  3. I really don’t like comparing Eleanor Powell with Ruby Keeler because I wouldn’t put them in the same class. Powell has always been considered the best tap dancer of her time. I think her style is always technically perfect, while I’m not a big fan of the athletic choreography - sometimes makes it a little awkward. However, that’s a sign of the times. I watch these movies a lot and I think people went crazy for Fred and Ginger because that’s when the dancing became more graceful. I never thought Ruby Keeler was much better than the other chorus girls. In fact I thought Ginger stepping aside (
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