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  1. We went to the movies today, while sitting thru the 15 minutes of previews, The preview for a Star is Born came on. Starring Bradley Cooper & Lady Ga Ga. I have come to realize that each generation has there own style and the need to re-make some of Hollywood’s classics. With the legends of Lady Ga Ga fans, & from what I could see it appears this movie will be well received. I must admit I never saw the original with Judy Garland other than highlights. I saw Barbara Streisand & Kris Kristoferson however as a younger person and thought it was the best! So guilty of what I wrote a
  2. I have always been a huge fan of Ms Streisand. Everytimw i hear this song, it seems she sings it differently. I feel in this clip she had to keep the song more subdued. The way she sings it seems it is happening in real time. She doesn't need to perform here. She has the attention of everyone. The camera is on her most of the time, as she moves thru the song. Although they do show how Omar seems to be enthralled with her . It is just so natural, and loving . Through out the song Omar is just in awe of her, she sings it so beautifully it is hard not to fall in love ... such a great
  3. I can see the torment in Eliza's face as she is pretending to be something she is.not. I have never heard of Cukor, nor did I know of his work. I can see how he would make this scene as powerful as it is seeing his own sexuality being "creativity " hidden from the wagging tongues of Hollywood. Pretending to be something he was.not comfortable The lighting in the room with its shading, always seem to enhance Eliza. The camera following her every move, from walking along to collapsing to the floor in heavy sobs. Even though Rex Harrison is standing there doing most of the talking it feels
  4. I feel the early musicals portrayed men as strong, dominate characters. As time moved forward it appears that men and woman were more on an even playing field. The men now seem to have more of an edge to them. No longer do they need to be soft spoken, dressed to the nines, or overly handsome. They can be flim flam fast taking men. They look like the guy next door, they can sing and dance, however they don't need to appear perfect. I couldn't help but notice the twinkle in his eyes. He sure looked like he was having fun. His character is the consummate spin doctor. It is wonderful to watc
  5. I'd like to start off by saying I just love this movie. The stage is set for a try out in Vaudville , with Karl Malden dressed as the clown figure for the children to feel comfortable. The "Gangster" father with the threat, and Karl Malden standing up to him, also showing complete frustration by quitting. The mass confusion, of the children being cut off in the middle of the audition. The girls trying to do their act, being interrupted, but trying to move forward. Mama Rose bursting in the scene with her dominant take no prisoner's demeanor. No one is going to tell Mama Rose her girls ha
  6. Where realty meets the fantasy of the film. It is not necessary to us a stylized approach through out the movie. It was wonderful just as it was. With the "dream" sequences going into the the realty scenes. Mr. Minnelli is such a genius with how he can go back and forth and keeps your interest up. Simply the best ... Mr Kellys attitude is as American as it gets for the times. The "big dog" back in Paris, where a few years earlier we were involved in a war. His swagger climbing the streets, Although quite friendly to those he sees along the way on the street to the area where he is
  7. In the beginning of this clip, it is somewhat apparent to me that Donald O'Connors character is a "character... with him making fun of the professor who is very serious about his annunciation... their dance steps in the beginning seem to be soft and knowing where to go. Once they get it together they step and dance with great strides. They are so talented and always make it look so easy, and having so much fun. I truly wanted to be them !!!! Although Mr. asstair always looked like he was going to break out in dance when walking, these two gentleman ease into the dance steps. As a straigh
  8. I must admit I have never seen this movie, however with that said Doris Day definitely took a leap of fate with this movie. She stepped outside the box when it seemed all the feminine roles were more of window dressing to be glamorous, frilly, and quite feminine. Here comes Miss Day belting out the tunes, all gruffly ( as much as she possibly could) and as far from feminine as possible. Doris Day seemed to flip the switch when she needed to.. I've seen her along side Jimmy Cagney & James Garner two entirely different movies in which she played to the hilt. She always had a glow aroun
  9. Let me begin by saying this is quite possible my favorite song. I love the way everyone is equally used in correlation to each other. All seem to be having a grand time, while complementing each other. There talents are showcased as a unit instead of individuality. The use of the props was excellent, the ever growing ladder, the red wall where they all seemed to climbed upon, only to have Mr Astaire walk away.. Funny I kept waiting for him to break out in a solo dance as in earlier musicals. The costumes were of equal value, basically the same color with the exception of Miss Fabra
  10. Petunias love for Joe is quite evident. As she is singing next to him, her controlled emotions can be seen in her smile , and her eyes. As the scene moves to outside, you see Joe sitting in the chair and she is just over the moon beaming with love. Her life for the moment is like clean fresh laundry. Her life can only get better, as she is singing her heart out to Joe. I loved this scene, such love for one person. I do believe the same effect would have been felt if she were signing to her child. The unconditional love is coming through. Although black Americans had served in the wa
  11. I would like to start off by saying this was a fun clip to watch !!! Sinatra comes out of the locker room so confident flipping the baseball, until Garrett sets her sights on what she wants, Sinatra!!! .. she is quite playful, and he is quite taken aback trying to get out of this situation. The shots are on her and her advances, most of the time Sinatra is definitely second fiddle to her. The camera catching her running up the bleacher stairs in that dress, how she didn't miss a step. (Wonder how many takes it took to get it right) ... Sinatra sliding down the banister and her catching him. I'
  12. My first Judy Garland movie was the Wizard of Oz. I still to this day tear up when she sings “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. It has such a melancholy tone to it. She is longing for something better than what she has. It is such a beautiful song, quite honestly if Shirley Temple in deed got the part of Dorothy there is no way she would have had the same results. Simply beautiful. I don’t see any difference in the clips. I always thought Judy Garland was an extremely talented woman. She did it all, singing, dancing, dramatic acting and comedy. We would be hard pressed to find someone of her
  13. When the scene opens with the two men walking up the stairs to the Presidents Office, you see the previous President portraits hanging on the the walls of the stair way. As George Cohan is walking up the stairs looking around, you get the feeling he is in awe and humbled that he is visiting with the president. The length of the staircase leading up to the president can relate to anticipation of the meeting. The dialogue between the butler and George Cohen, his praise for Georges family. When the butler mentioned how Mr Teddy would sing the song in the bathtub. The Simple story of Geor
  14. The dance sequence to me is more of a statement of equality on Ms Rogers part, it appears she is letting Mr Astaire know she is on his level if not a tad better. As she goes "toe for toe" with him it becomes quite clear she is taking charge. Love when she places her hand in her trouser pocket! Ginger Rogers character is a strong woman, who in these times is somewhat unheard of. The roles of woman were changing and the movies were portraying them as strong, smart, and independent. Unlike earlier in the century where they played more seductive roles.
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