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  1. “Yankee Doodle Dandy” for personal nostalgia—first musical I remember watching on the late, late show with mom. ”Singin’ in the Rain”—love the joy/humor in the O’Connor and O’Connor-Kelly dances. ”White Christmas”—Danny Kaye and Vera-Ellen...enough said.
  2. 1. We don’t even need to enter the Oval Office before we feel patriotic, passing all those presidential portraits as we climb the stairs with Cagney. What struck me inside the Oval Office was the proliferation of nautical props. The walls are covered with paintings of ships in battle, there’s a model ship on the mantelpiece, and the president has a nautical-looking clock on his desk. All of these ships far pre-date WWII, but are reminders of past American victories in battle. And, of course, there are flags everywhere: waving everywhere in the flashback, standing in a stately manner in the
  3. 1. This scene at least began with an “anything you can do I can do better” feel to it, so that portrayed the battle of the sexes. However, it wasn’t long before Fred and Ginger were just dancing together, albeit wonderfully well. The battle of the sexes theme is there, but mildly. 2. It was interesting to look specifically at Ginger Roger’s character. She’s clearly rich, as is Fred, talented, as is Fred, and independent, as is Fred. She has her own career and is not waiting around for a man to make her life complete. The equality of the woman in this scene makes it different from oth
  4. 1. The Lubitsch touch, specifically with the garter and the gun, made me feel like I was watching a,silent movie—focus for a long moment on the visual just before the intertile appears. Each “touch” provides a moment of humor for the viewer. They certainly indicated the the character was not new to the game of seducing rich men’s wives, especially the collection of revolvers 2. The mix of French and English dialogue was interesting. We’re so accustomed to subtitles for foreign dialogue that NOT having it Intrigued me. The specific “pop” sound of the revolver, revealing its harmless n
  5. 1. The canoe scene is very reminiscent of every Astaire-Rogers pairing: boy meets girl, girl resists,... But the saloon scene offers more. Without having seen the film, we have no idea what circumstances have led her to sing in this place where she is clearly a fish out of water, but we do know that his interest in her has progressed from a basic flirtation to concern for her well-being. 2. I have only seen clips of their films in the past. He is so unattractively “stiff” all of them that I never sought out full films. 3. First scene: sweet and innocent flirtation, no touching f
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