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  1. An even more likely candidate! I will also join your fanclub, if I may do so without conflict to Kyle in Hollywood's. Assuming the requisite badges or buttons. Or even large stickers, now that I think on it. Danke! Mel.
  2. Metry Road - I'm glad it wasn't just me! I feel better now. Kyle in Hollywood - I don't know if that's it, but it sounds like an excellent candidate! I would like to join your fan club, always provided you have buttons or badges of some sort. I'm fond of buttons and badges. THANK YOU BOTH! Mel
  3. A friend of mine just asked me the title of a musical, but I don't watch many musicals. The vague description follows: B/W GI returns from overseas to find his war wife wants a divorce. A lot of sharp banter bordering on verbal abuse. Seriously, that's all the info I have, but any assistance would be appreciated! Thanks! Mel
  4. disclaimer: this list is subject to change without notice, and is in no particular order. i remember momma judgment at nuremberg a letter to three wives born yesterday grand hotel mr smith goes to washington blue angel the little foxes the thin man mildred pierce
  5. y'know, that rather sounds like "I'd Rather Be Rich" from the sixties. to me, anyway. it had Sandra Dee in it, it was in color, and there were shoes coming off all over the place. i think it was a remake of a forties movie, but i'm not sure. i think the forties version had "Eve" in the title, but i'm drawing a blank... //edit "It Started with Eve". that imdb thingy is pretty nifty! joining this board was worth it just to find out about that! //tide ten to one that didn't help at all...
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