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  1. Like most others "Wizard of Oz" is the movie first movie i remember Judy Garland in and most remarkable talent she had at such an early age. Summer Stock is one of my favorites and i feel it shows Judy as a mature woman and so relaxed in her role as if she really is that person. Her acting seemed effortless to me as it did in Wizard of Oz. In the movie A Star is Born Judy belts out the song "one man women" it doesn't matter how many times you have seen this you cannot help but watch her sing the song again. She is like a magnet when she sings. Her heart and soul are in her songs
  2. Ginger is her own woman when she meets Fred. Throughout she shows her self independence and her goals. There is a change in who is or can be in control. The women in this movie are more self assured and opinionated. The beautiful dresses and the attire in general does lend itself to realistic dress for the era. The romance of one couple vs Broadway stage movies is more personal to the audience. I think with the depression women had to start work, take care of families and in some cases be the bread winner.
  3. Yes not realistic but enjoyable for the audience. Shows some work to be done to achieve his goals but not realistic in his real life. I would expect the movies to be filled with extravagance, romantic places and plots to entertain all audiences Probably language would be more bawdy and the sexual aspect more unrefined.
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