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  1. The choreography allows all characters to "play" off of each other in a very even way. The characters are all given an equal chance to entertain. No one actor is given more time or a long time in front of the others. Equality is a theme. As for the costuming, this has an aire of equality as well. No character is dressed better then any other showing all characters on a level playing field. None of them stand out because of how they are dressed. This scene shows none are better off than the other. Each character interacts well with the other. The contrast color ot the red and green
  2. This movie is steeped in American tradition during this time. Flags are flying. Parades are marching. Banners everywhere. All conversation points to being patriotic. Of course, most movies during this period are all about the public supporting the war effort.
  3. The first film Judy was in with Andy Hardy shows Judy as a very young, starry eyed teen. She ages and develops by the time she arrives in Easter Parade. As she reached the middle of her careet, she no longer wanted to play a child. She wanted grown up roles. Judy grew up on the screen in front of us as we watched her sing.
  4. This is kind of a role reversal with the woman chasing the man. The scenes involve a lot of energy and are a lottle predictable.
  5. The wifely duties show her love for her husband. The song would change if being sung to a child as the type of love is different. Maybe more tender for a child.
  6. This battle engages Fred and Ginger in a sort of dance off. Seems to be a dance challenge. I believe Top Hat is one of the ultimate dance musicaks of all time.
  7. Since there's a tecnical proble and the clips are not able to be viewed, I can only answer off my memory. I do remember the two always staying out rough but having a playful.relationship and a happy ending. These filns are uplifting giving hope to the audience.
  8. I do not believe this clip is reflective of the Depression era. The travel the lavish accommodations and even the clothing do not reflect the era. The comedy adds a nice air of lightness during a troubled time. Also makes the film more interesting. Other themes from the era might include some less fortunate people trying to sneak into the theater. It is difficult to imagine what this movie would be coded since watching it several times, I never thought of coding it. These movies are just accepted for the way they are. And they are still accepted by many as ok for any age to watch.
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