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  1. How do the pre-dance movements of O’Connor and Kelly compare to their actual dance movements? I find the pre-dance movements of O'Connor and Kelly to perfectly illustrate their dancing styles--O'Connor's is exaggerated while Kelly's is more precise. Even as the dance progresses, Kelly's is still more controlled an particular while O'Connor is less restrained, but no less on point. Watch the Professor all the way through and consider the role of the straight man Funny men aren't funny if they don't have a straight man. Now, I'm not referring to solo comedians, or saying comedians need to have a partner. But, in a scene such as this, O'Connor's antics would not be nearly as funny if there was no straight man. Too often, I think the straight man is over looked when compared to the "comedic genius". The straight man can't, in essence, be funny in the same way as the comic. I think Martin and Lewis are prime examples of this, in some cases more so than other comedy duos (but I'm biased). In this clip, the professor has to take the torture doled out by O'Connor and Kelly and can not react. If he joined in, there would be a different feel and result to the scene. How do the representations of masculinity in all three men compare and contrast with each other? Kelly is without a doubt the typical representation of a physically dominating male. He is broader and stockier in stature than the professor and O'Connor. O'Connor is almost stick-like physically compared to Kelly. His personality may be more dominating in order to compensate for his lack of physicality. The professor is the typical intellectual/nerdy type who can't compete with looks or personality and is overpowered in this scene by the physical force and the charm of the other two characters.
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