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  1. 1. My first memory of Judy Garland is as a child watching as Doryhy in the “Wizard of Oz”. Iremember her as a believable character. I believe her affection for Toto was the thing that made her believable. I was only 7 or 8 when I first saw the movie and her love for that dog and fear of the witch really impressed me. 2. After viewing the clips and listening to the course’s discussion of Ms. Garland, I am so impressed with her talent not only as a singer, but her actress and dancer. 3. Of course her later movies such as Meet Me in St. Louis, portrays as a young woman. She portrays her
  2. 1. I thoroughly enjoyed the two “Rose Marie” film clips and can see how Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy complemented one another. Mac Donald was much more versatile actress than Eddy is. She makes the scenes come to life with her glances and the turning of the head reacting to Eddy’s attempts to gain her attention. We know when he is succeeding and when he is not simply by her expressions. She makes the Mountie believable as he rows and belts out choruses of “Rose Marie” and she acts as a straight man as he admits that Maud would never work. The bar room scene demonstrates MacDonald’s
  3. I just returned from a vacation in Mexico and am now just beginning to discuss some of the topics from last week. Please for give the belated answers I Loved the way the early musicals tried to distract the movie goer from the problems of the depression. Lavish sets and scenes, wonderful choreography and terrific music entertained the audience and allowed them escape a dreadful time I’m America’s history. Typically these musicals were screwball comedies that always saw the young lovers find one another and solve their problems. These musicals provided audiences the entertainment and hop
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