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  1. 1. I noticed her devotion to Joe. I have seen this movie and my first reaction is Joe. I recognized him from Jack Benny so I was biased. I already loved him. Petunia was speaking her heart, but when she was pulling down the laundry, I wondered if she loved him so much, why was she not standing next to him while she sang. Or, had he died when the angel appeared and he was a ghost sitting in the wheel chair? That confused me. 2. If it was a baby, I would think she would be holding the child while she sang. I don't think the song would fit for a child unless the actions were changed. 3. The musicals were a life line for me. I grew up watching them all. Every Saturday for 20 cents I could see the newest musical. But, that was a different world for me because I am an American Indian and called a Mexican. I was not part of the world of musicals or any other media source. So, I observed from the outside watching how white people created their world around these ideas. It was because of those musicals, when in the 1970's women started to speak up, that I, too, decided I wanted to dance. I went to college and at the age of 38 I started dancing because I saw it in the musicals and it was the best part of the white society that did not look down on color. I am now close to 80 and still dancing.
  2. The action in the movement depicted first his surprize that she was there and who would this be? The movements kept pace with the action to reject her, get away from her and her determination to have this man. A woman in those times would not ordinarily be like that, but she is no ordinary woman. That action is depicted in her manner of handling him. It is a piece that set my face to smiling from beginning to end of the piece. I loved seeing it again.
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