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  1. I feel Barbra's less emotional singing of People helps the audience concentrate on the storyline. She is not there to give a concert. I feel that as the song crescendos so do the emotions of the stars, with the looks Sharif is giving Streisand. You can see that there is more interest on his part. I don't really know how to explain the blocking as I am just a newbie to all of this movie director/producer lingo. I do feel that by the end of the song you feel the connection between the two compared to the beginning of it.
  2. I have to admit I'm a little lost when trying to compare My Fair Lady to Gaslight except for the fact that both leading ladies were being taken advantage of by a well-to-do male lead. Boyer is evil and Harrison so level-headed and almost unaware of Eliza's feelings. Eliza lashes out at Higgins because she feels used and certainly hurt that he shows no feelings for her at all. Not sure how to answer part 3 - you just get the feeling that Higgins will realize he does have feelings for Eliza.
  3. 1. Not sure exactly how to write down my thoughts about how masculine performances changed over the decades we are studying except that going back to the early musicals the leading male role seems to be more of a poor soul or down and out character. When you see Robert Preston's performances in The Music Many and Victor/Victoria his roles are bolder? (shall we say). The con artist and the role of the down-to-earth, gay male with a touch of sarcasm. 2. I love the way that Robert Preston takes over the show in both movies, he is fun to watch anytime, though not your average over-the-top
  4. The clip is reminiscent of the classical musicals in that it is simple and not very glamorous and I think the disruptive impending future is indicated by the burlesque themed number (especially being it is a child). Mama Rose's entrance is, however, not low-keyed, to say the least. She wants her daughters in the show and that's that. She is great at her role and I prefer her to Ethel Merman because of that shrill voice of hers. Sorry! You get a feeling of innocence vs. naughty in this clip as to what lies ahead. The "let me" entertain you certainly is more suggestive than the or
  5. 1. The ballet scene is brilliant - the vivid colors and "dream-like" beautiful movements of Leslie Caron could not be duplicated by any other performer, in my opinion. She is perfection. I remember seeing this scene for the first time when I was very young and being completely in awe of her talent. 2. Sorry but I can't help loving Gene Kelly no matter what "role" he is trying to play. His voice, his step, his mannerism just exude happiness. Never comes off as rude or crass.
  6. 1. As far as the pre-dance movements and dance movements, the pre-dance are comical (behind the professor's back) on O'Connor's part with Kelly being the straight man and then the dance breaks out with both brilliant performances. Again, whimsical and upbeat. 2. Poor professor - he is the lost soul here, starting out strong. Sorry but I'm one of those people that just loves to watch movies, laugh and be entertained. I don't get offended very easily. 3. The masculinity of each man is completely all over the place. O'Connor, the more comedic, gentler, Kelly, alpha male, yet so
  7. In this scene it is obvious that it is a "group effort" in that there does not appear to be a star of the show. They are dancing and singing together, with lead-ins (if you will) from one line to someone else's. Wonderful clip. The costuming is rather subdued compared to most musical numbers, I feel. But yet, they compliment each other's - shades of blue and black in Astaire and the other singer as well as Nanette's grey coordinating with Lavont's jacket. Minnelli still pulls off a great song and dance number even though it is not the norm. This whole song is rather "whimsical" a
  8. In the scene where Petunia changes from Little Joe's bedside to the clothesline exhibits to me that life goes on now that Joe has recovered. She is full of life and love and I just adore the way she exuberates her happiness with his shirt arms wrapped around her. What a beautiful voice! I just loved this movie. If Petunia were singing about her child instead of Joe I'm sure the words would be different. Love for a child is different from that of a spouse. And I'm sure she probably wouldn't have left her baby's bedside. I think that the films importance to this era must have been
  9. Watching the clip from Take Me Out to the Ballgame makes me think of how much fun filming a dancing team like Sinatra and Garrett would've been. Lots of work and timing precision but fun. What talent on both sides singing and dancing and acting - superb. I watch this movie over and over - can't get enough. My favorite duet of theirs though is in High Society. You can anticipate Betty Garrett trying to "catch" Sinatra throughout the sequence. So much fun. Sinatra also always a good sport and would do just about anything, even if others thought it corney. Love them.
  10. As you can tell from my user name, the first film I had ever seen Judy Garland in was the Wizard of Oz, which showcases her singing and acting abilities. After watching this clip (and many other movies since I was a little girl) I find Judy Garland to be just a wonderful all encompassing entertainer. The mannerisms and facial expressions while she's singing and dancing are her perfect. You know what? Some actors are good at certain things - Judy Garland was great at everything. Whenever I watch Judy Garland movie, especially for the first time, I am always moved by her singing. I
  11. I also do believe that this clips exhibits a brighter perspective of life. Mostly that is how movies were back then. A way to escape the every day humdrum duties or especially in the 30's the economic problems. As far as the upcoming theme goes I feel that Anna is struggling with the question of seeing Ziegfeld or staying loyal to Billings so it's the age old woman's dilemna which will play a big part in the rest of the movie. Ok, the third question - I already learned so many things just from watching my first lecture, video and daily dose about the Pre-Code and Code of the film
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