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  1. I am loving this thread, so I wanted to chirp in, too! My first "Showboat" viewing was of the MGM one. I thought it was beautiful and well sung, but it didn't particularly strike a chord within me. When telling my voice teacher of my latest viewing, so told me "You have to watch the black and white one! It is closer to the stage version and the book." I looked for it for years on TCM, and I think the first time I was able to watch it was 2013. Since then, I have been obsessed! The 1936 version is not only closer to the stage musical, it is also a time capsule. It stars Helen M
  2. I was five years old when I first viewed The Wizard of Oz-- my first Judy Garland film. It was 2001-- I believe it was just remastered for VHS so there was alot of new Wizard of Oz toys in store. I got a Dorothy barbie and VHS as a gift from grandparents, and my mother sewed a Dorothy costume for me for Halloween. Let it be known, I wore those Ruby Slippers almost everyday! What I remember of this first viewing was how terrifying the Wicked Witch and the twister, and how magical the first revealing of Oz was. That scene where the sepia Kansas becomes technicolor Oz still gives me goosebumps. I
  3. When viewing the two marvelous dances of Ruby Keeler and Eleanor Powell, sensed that their wonderful talent came from two different places-- figuratively and literally. Eleanor Powell displayed an excellently timed dance that displayed the skills of someone who has conscientiously honed her dancing abilities. When watching this video, I would assume that Powell had formal training in some capacity in dancing. Ruby Keeler style is more like a Vaudevillian-- raw and infectious. Her voice carries well and is pleasing, but is not trained. I would assume the same of her dancing. When wa
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