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  1. Wonderful job as always. The song, while still nice, isn't my favorite of the songs they've used. I was hoping they'd do something more like this:
  2. The 2020 TCM Remembers should have been out by now... unless they decided to go the way of YouTube Rewind and not do one for this year... Has anyone contacted TCM already about this?
  3. 2018 one's out. I don't like this year's song as much as the last one but it's still pretty nonetheless.
  4. I'm a little disappointed that they don't have an In Memoriam lineup close to the end of the month. Sure there's the Burt Reynolds thing but I was hoping they'd at least pull out The Band Wagon as Nanette Fabray died earlier this year.
  5. My guess is that it'll be on the evening of December 29, as there doesn't seem to be a theme night then. They're probably still putting together the lineup.
  6. Ahh I totally forgot to account for those people! Thanks for pointing it out!
  7. Very soon we should get info on TCM's In Memoriam lineup for 2018. I'm predicting that at least three of these people may be honored with a film at the end of the year: Nanette Fabray (the most likely choice; she was in The Band Wagon, which is already a TCM favorite, and they might air that during the marathon and even give it the plum 8:00 timeslot) Vic Damone Louis Zorich (hoping they pull out The Muppets Take Manhattan, which TCM has aired at least twice in the past, once during 31 Days of Oscar) Isao Takahata (TCM aired a marathon of Ghibli movies one year and it w
  8. Hi, I love TCM's promo songs so much that I made a Spotify playlist of all the songs I could find, including the TCM Remembers ones. I came here to ask if anyone (re: longtime viewers of TCM) knows of any promo songs I'm missing? Thanks in advance! The playlist in question:
  9. It sounds like the song you were searching for is "Through the Ages" by Cloud Cult. I made a Spotify playlist of every promo song I could find, including the ones in the TCM Remembers promos, if you want to check it out. https://open.spotify.com/user/22hwdy3tw3r22aysdeofgqmka/playlist/1nq3XAnYWQdNWzlp2KMM6G
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