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  1. 1)Based on that scene; I'm guessing Alfred is popular with the ladies. There was a closeup of the garter and the gun. It was apparent the garter belonged to someone else. Alfred's date started to shoot him; until her husband walked in on them. Then, she shot herself. 2) There was a sound that sounded like books dropping. It was supposed to be the gun shot. It looked like the woman was dead. Then we found out she was faking. The gun must have had blanks. 3) Lots of musicals with a charming Lothario.
  2. 1) In the first clip, it appears Rose Marie does not believe Mountie Sergeant Bruce is sincere with what he is saying via his song. She even made fun of his singing. In the second clip, she seemed like a fish out of water (so to speak). Then, Rose Marie saw Mountie Sergeant Bruce with those two women. I think she would have rather of been sitting with him, than singing. By the end of the song, Rose Marie seemed embarrassed. I think Mountie Sergeant Bruce felt bad for her. 2) I have heard of Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald. I am not familiar with their work (yet). 3) I would say th
  3. 1) I do believe this clip makes things appear better than they were back then. I wasn't alive back then. But, I have seen pictures from the Great Depression. The people looked sad, dirty, and hungry. It made me sad thinking about what they went through. 2) I would expect that other Depression Era movies painted a brighter picture of life; to give people hope. 3) The film could have shown flashbacks of Florenz childhood. The child is seen crying after being punished. The film could have also shown scenes of Florenz and Held arguing over his philandering.
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