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  1. Thanks for the correction for my mistake in my message, which I meant to say was Objective Burma with Errol Flynn, as I am a real fan of his and just corresponded with his grandson Luke Flynn, a great guy and actor as well. I also stand corrected for my error in 30 Seconds Over Tokyo and I guess when you become one of the DAV Over The Hill Gang with too much metal rolling around in his head maybe I can get a pass this time. Was hit by lightning in the Nam in Tuy Hoa in 66 and woke up in Yokohama and didn't know who I was for awhile, so please forgive the old brain matter once and awhile. My Pop who flew for Eastern Airlines introduced me to World War 1 Ace Eddie Rickenbacker, like your experience, was something i'll always remember as well. Now I am just praying and hoping for the safe return of all our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan as well. Good luck and best wishes, Rich
  2. My favorite war movie was "Hamburger Hill", since for me it portrayed real life scenes from the Vietnam War, as I was there with the 101st Airborne Division and as we used to say in Nam, "Aint No Big Thing" and also my other favorites were Sgt. York, with the great Gary Cooper and his superior cast, Operation Burma, with Errol Flynn, Rodgers Rangers and 60 Seconds Over Tokyo, with number #1 Spencer Tracey, Sands of Iwo Jima, with the great John "Duke" Wayne, Patton, with the one & only George C. Scott, along with the many other TMC movie fan favorites. Thanks TMC for being the greatest entertainment channel of all times on the air and hopefully well into the future times ahead. Viva Ted Turner for all of the movie treasures that he has been able to save and show to us every day and I only hope someday I can personally thank him, which I believe many other fans share in my feelings with in the same way.
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