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  1. 1) Thinking like a director and editor, describe how each shot spotlights key actions. I am not sure if I completely understand the question, but with each action she or he makes a response is performed. Sliding down the rail she catches him. She pushes him down to the bench on the bleachers so she can lay her head in his lap. She catches up to him as he runs away, and then the ball is tossed at her. 2) It’s interesting to examine how musicals segue into musical numbers. How does this sequence prepare us for the singing? The music starts building in frequency as she is chasing him.
  2. 1) What was the first Judy Garland film you recall watching? What was your first impression of her? Up until now I believe I have only ever seen The Wizard of Oz. I always liked Judy Garland as an actress and a singer. I look forward to watching some of her other movies so I can get a better idea of how she is in other scenes. 2) How do you view her differently after viewing these clips than you might have viewed her previously? I see her the same currently. Being in the Wizard of Oz gave me an idea that she had to have spunk, a sense of humor and a fun personality. 3) What f
  3. 1) What other aspects of battle of the sexes do you see indicated in this clip or in the film Top Hat? I am not sure I saw anything additional. The dancing was the same except for when each of them did a few extra little steps to up on each other. At which the other person did not duplicate the same dance but added something of there own. The clothing was very close to the same but with subtle differences. Rogers pants had the flaps on the thighs. 2) How does this film distinguish itself from other Depression era musicals we have watched or discussed this week? The singing and
  4. I loved the light airy feel that Eleanor Powell showed as she was dancing. The tap dance and movements added to make the whole scene fun and flirty. The scene with Ruby Keeler was good as well, but different in that the routine was made with the dancing included. I could tell it was a planned professional looking routine.
  5. 1) What do you notice about the Lubitsch touch? How do the props, the dialogue, and the staging help you understand the character of Alfred (Maurice Chevalier)? I believe that the Lubitsch touch makes the dialogue and the scene more real for the watcher. It's almost like I am the person in the room instead of the camera. You get more of a feeling of what the people are thinking. I like how the seriousness and the wit are shown. The person's character is shown very quickly and thoroughly. 2) Based on this scene, what are some of the things you notice about the scene’s use of so
  6. What do you notice about the interaction between the characters in these two scenes? Please give specific examples. The 1st scene seems to be the beginning of a possible love interest between the 2 of them. He is enamored with her but she goes from no interest to some interest to not sure. The 2nd scene is a comparison from a mild personality to flamboyant one. The morals of the two are quite different. If you have seen either or both of these actors in other films or television shows, please share your perceptions about them. I have not seen any of the actresses or actors before. I
  7. 1. Do you agree that the clip exhibits a brighter perspective of life than might be realistic? Why or why not? I think that the movie sugar-coated reality of the times to draw people out of there miseries for a few minutes and think about the what-ifs. If it had been more serious the decision she was faced with would have been more thought provoking. 2. What themes or approaches might you anticipate from this clip in other Depression era musicals? I think any light-hearted romantic comedy, oddball and maybe unrealistic in daily life maybe a great distraction and......f
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