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  1. Hello, Northeastern Ohio TCM and Classic Movie Fans: What is wrong with us? There have been many posts with interest in starting a chapter in Northeastern Ohio to share our love of classic films. Should we set up a meeting in a public venue to discuss? According to TCM, these are the steps to start a Chapter: The name and location of your Chapter - Need a Name The members of your Chapter (include email addresses) - Need a few names and email address of those who want to be initial members A volunteer to be the President of your Chapter - I will volunteer to be the president unless someone else would like to be the president Your nearest movie theater; please make it a theater that regularly shows TCM Big Screen Classics (only one Chapter per movie theater... if two or more chapters claim the same theater, they may be combined or asked to find an alternate theater) - Suggest Cinemark At Valley View 6001 Canal Rd, Valley View, OH 44125 Let's get our Chapter started!
  2. Don’t we have enough interest to start a chapter in Northeast Ohio? I see me (EileenM), DMoore, Jill Pixler, AMR, Mr. Stax, cjm1223, hepclassic, kcselectrical56, foxfight, ccchristie464. Now that I have finished my Miss Barbara from Romper Room impression! Does someone want to volunteer to manage our group?
  3. Well, Northeast Ohio TCM fans, do we want to start a chapter? What is the next step? I would like to join so that I have other people to share my passion for classic films. Thanks.
  4. Hello, TCM Backlot Members from Northeast Ohio! Has this local chapter been officially started? I do not see it listed on the page of Local Chapters. I would like to join so that I have other people to share my passion for classic films. Thanks.
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