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  1. 1. The song made the moment tender, if she were to be more theatrical it would have ruined the whole scene. 2. The two characters love each other, Nicky watches Fanny sing her song. 3. As Fanny is singing the camera shows Nicky suggesting him as her love interest.
  2. 1. In both movies the actors really play into the emotion of the scenes really well, also in both movies the lighting really helps set their tone. 2. The actors in the scene play the emotions really well, almost like they are actually feeling the emotions as they act it out. 3. Cukor’s direction really makes the emotion in the relation that these two characters have and make it jump out at you and feel very real.
  3. 1. These movies seem to be moving away from the main strong alpha male lead and are heading to more female and males who show emotions led movies. 2. He is a very confident as a very likable charm to him in both of these roles. 3. I haven't seen anything else with Robert Preston that I know of.
  4. 1. If you look backwards to classical musicals you have cute and innocent kids, like Shirley Temple, trying to become the next big star, but it's only because their parents are forcing them to. 2. She comes in immediately telling her daughter what to do acting like she is the director and in charge of everything. 3. The words in the song can be taken in different not so innocent ways, but because it is children signing the words might accidentally interpreted as innocent.
  5. 1. The movie should be stylized throughout the whole film so that way the stylized scenes fit the tone and make sense. 2. He has a certain charm to his character that stops him from being fully unlikeable.
  6. 1. Their pre-dance movements are done mockingly and in sync with the rhyming words 2. The professor adds humor to the song and dance by looking shocked the whole time by the situation 3. The professor's masculinity makes him think he is above the other two and their stupid actions, whereas Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly characters masculinity make them think the professor is an idiot and they just want to mess with him
  7. 1. The character of Calamity Jane fits the tom boy representation because in it she takes charge, gets dirty, and wears pants instead of dresses. 2. Doris Day has had a wide variety of roles she been in and has been in incredible in all of them. 3. I think her bright and sunny persona adds to the character because it makes her more likable and fun to watch.
  8. 1. In the interaction of the characters they slowly start to convince each other about how they can make their own successful musical, it's different from other musicals we've discussed because in this one everyone has their own part to the song where as the older ones the other people involved were just their for back-up vocals. 2. Their clothing of the characters isn't the nicest of suits or dresses suggesting that they are not all that successful in the entertainment business 3. They are on a sound stage suggesting they are all work for the entertainment industry and are trying to
  9. 1. It fades to the next shot implying that it's later in the day meaning she is still extremely happy and that she and her husband have a truly loving relationship. 2. If she sang about her children it would change the meaning of the song to more about family love, I don't think it would change the cultural meaning. 3. I think this film is very important culturally because it's important to give a spot light to a minority group to try and help them be seen as equal in society.
  10. 1. Each shot focuses on the characters and their action of the characters before they run off to the next scene and focus on the actions in that one. 2. The scene prepares us for the singing by starting the music and having the characters move in time with the music.
  11. 1. The first film I saw with Judy Garland was Wizard of Oz, and my first impression of her was that she is a good singer. 2. I still see her as a really good singer 3. A star is born and I could go on singing are two films of her that come to mind when I think of her later career and her ability to capture audience imagination.
  12. 1. The movie promotes American values by having a scene with portraits of past presidents, a scene in the oval office with the president and a scene of a parade where everyone is waving an American flag and they have American flags set up everywhere waving about. 2. In the dialogue the president mentions what he likes about a group of Americans and their values to the country. "alwaysed admired about you Irish Americans, you carry you're love of country like a flag". 3. I don't think it would have been as powerful for American value to just start the parade because having the pres
  13. 1. Astaire uses comedy to try and get Rogers interested in him and she tries to fight it but eventually gives in. 2. It's different because it's not a ballroom style, they're dressed in pants and jackets, and the dance is like a competition 3. A possible reasons for the change is that this comes post code and is trying to find a way to illustrate the battle of the sexes which is a part of screwball comedies.
  14. 1. In the scene when Alfred opens the drawer and we see the guns it suggest that there is more to this character than meets the eye adding mystery to the character 2. The sound suggest that he is trying to hide from some event happening in the other room, when he opens the door you hear a crowed and then he immediately shuts the door. 3. I would anticipate themes of people losing their jobs and trying to get a better life.
  15. 1.Mountie Sergeant Bruce and Marie seem to have a natural romantic interaction, in the first seen Bruce tries to make Marie admit she likes him and in their interactions it's easy to see that she does have romantic feelings for him to. 2. I have never seen either actor in anything else 3. The clips tell me that the main man and woman must be romantically involved, and that if their not the woman must eventually fall for the man.
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