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  1. Lu**** has a way of letting the audience know the mood and conveying what is going on without the camera being on the actors. Even while the camera is on props you understand what he he trying to capture. In the scene sound is used to set the dramatic tone of the infidelity going. The raised voices, gun shot and loud know on the door all set the tone. Despite the dramatic beginning of the scene and situation it ends light hearted. Escapism is certain a theme of the depression era musicals as folks were trying to escape their own problems by wither looking at others bat
  2. I agree that this clip shows a brighter side of life during the time it was made than is realistic. I doubt during the depression era folks were gifting extravagantly or too big. Even taking in a show might not have been possible. The audience may have been much smaller realistically. a major theme going forward is going to be romance. Being entangled in the love can make a bleak life tolerable. If this film were filmed prior to motion picture code being enforced we may have see more skin. Held’s costumes may have been skimpier.
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